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Pick an apple! 

If you want to expose tens of thousands of TidBITS-reading Macintosh users to your products while generating sales at the same time, look no further than a DealBITS drawing. Where most advertising aims at brand recognition (a worthy goal in its own right), the beauty of DealBITS is that you'll likely sell enough of your product to more than offset the cost of participation.

Here's how DealBITS works. You provide at least two copies of a prize of your choosing, to be awarded to randomly chosen winners. We'll pick the winners from the eligible entries at the end of the week after the drawing is announced and pass on their names and email addresses so you can send them their prizes. You must also offer a time-limited deal via a coupon code or special URL for drawing entrants. When we notify entrants of the winner(s), we'll also pass on the discount code/URL they can use to order. DealBITS costs $250.

Please note that we will manage the drawing and write the announcement that appears in TidBITS. Also, our privacy policy states that we will not share the email addresses of entrants.

To sign up for DealBITS, first contact us to make sure we can run your drawing (likely yes, unless it's too far off-topic for our readership) and to see if there are any scheduling constraints. When we give the OK, come back here and fill in the form below, which sends us the information in a regularized format. We'll return an email invoice, payable via check or PayPal once the drawing has started.

We need the following information from you:

Your Name
Your Email Address
Please make sure it's entered correctly.
Company Name
Type it exactly as it should appear.
Company URL
Drawing Date
Drawings are announced on Mondays.
The name of the product you want to give away, spelled exactly as you want.
Retail Value
The retail value of your product, in U.S. dollars.
Number of Copies
The number of copies you want to give away.
Product URL
The retail value of your product, in U.S. dollars.
The percent or dollar discount that you want to offer to those who don't win. This varies by product, but usually is in the range of 10- to 25-percent off.
Only Entrants All TidBITS Readers
Should the discount be limited to entrants or made available to all TidBITS readers?
Expiration Date
On what date will your discount expire? (We recommend at least 17 days after the drawing start date.)
Coupon or URL
What coupon code or special URL will people use to take advantage of the discount?
We'll also need a graphic (GIF, JPG, or PNG). It should be no more than 400 pixels wide, and not that tall. Enter the URL here, or email us the graphic separately.