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Two New Take Control Ebooks Cover iOS 5

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With iOS 5 and iCloud, Apple significantly expanded all that you can do on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, but those new features require us end users to learn new skills and habits. We’ve been pushing the pixels day and night to update our iOS-related books, and we’ve just put the finishing touches on a pair of them: “Take Control of Your iPad” and “Take Control of Mail on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Third Edition.”

Take Control of Your iPad” is a big, broad title about iOS 5 on the iPad, written by the lovely and talented Tonya Engst. It’s essentially the second edition of her “Take Control of iPad Basics,” but since the iPad has been out for over a year and a half, millions of people have already learned the basics of iOS — we now assume that most people understand the concept of tapping and dragging, which wasn’t true at the iPad’s launch. To keep the title fresh and useful, Tonya tore out huge swaths of material aimed at complete novices to make room for more advanced discussions, with a special focus on setup and syncing. She also added tips for getting more out of core Apple apps, including Safari, Contacts, iBooks, and Music.

You can dip into “Take Control of Your iPad” on any iOS device or computer to use as a handy reference whenever you need fill a gap in your iPad know-how, or you can read it from front to back to qualify for your iPad expert secret decoder ring. You’ll benefit from the many hours that Tonya has spent editing Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of iCloud” ebook, plus the innumerable times she has made her iPads jump through the Setup Assistant’s hoops and configured — and reconfigured — syncing with iTunes, iCloud, Google Sync, and more. The ebook covers the original iPad and iPad 2, with iOS 5.

Take Control of Mail on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Third Edition” comes from the lovely and talented Joe Kissell (I’m an equal-opportunity flatterer when it comes to our authors). Where Tonya spreads her net wide, Joe focuses tightly on how to devise and manage an effective mobile email strategy for any device running iOS 5. His thoughtful and thorough coverage provides practical, real-world recommendations about the best ways to use the Mail app on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and you’ll get advice and directions for how to set up your accounts, receive and read email, compose and send messages, and file important correspondence. You’ll also learn to solve connection problems and work around feature limitations — despite the significant improvements in iOS 5’s version of Mail, it’s still not up to the level of Apple Mail on the Mac.

Check out the Take Control ebooks that expand on the topic in this article:

Need real-world advice about the Mail app on Apple's iOS devices? Email expert Joe Kissell explains how to devise an effective strategy, plus how to configure accounts and the best ways to receive, send, read, and file email. You'll also find troubleshooting help.
Join Take Control editor in chief Tonya Engst on her quest to make the iPad experience more delightful, whether you're new to the iPad or not making the most of it, thanks to its many buried settings and hidden features. Covers iOS 6 and all the latest iPads! Special two-fer offer: Buy one and share it with an iPad-using friend or relative!


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Michael Kaplan  2011-12-05 21:33
I' ve been a happy camper after retiring and going all out Apple. However I have resisted upgrading to Lion after reading all the new ways I would have to learn how to use my MacBook. Quite frankly there is nothing in Lion I want to be able to do that I can't already do with Snow Leporard
And that includes ICLOUD. BUT IT IS INTERESTING that to get icloud you have to upgrade to lion. Smacks of a microsoft type move
John Haley  2011-12-07 05:38
Adam - Unlike with Tonya, I'll bet you don't get a kiss from Joe for your "lovely and talented" comment...
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2011-12-07 05:37
Joe's in Paris, so it was a safe bet! :-)
John Ferman  2012-01-15 18:45
Hi, my wife and finally took the leap to iPhone. Why, well Siri figured big and iCloud was a close second. Except for telephone part the iPhone sems to be a midget iPad. Now what I dream of of is a Take Control of iPhone 4S. There is so much there I fear life might be too short. Congrats on a great enewpaper.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2012-01-16 13:02
Tonya "Take Control of Your iPad" actually goes a long way toward providing the information a "Take Control of Your iPhone 4S" would, but our "Take Control of iPhone Basics" book didn't sell too well, so we don't have plans to update it. That said, we have just released the "Macworld iPhone 4S Superguide," which should provide exactly the kind of information you're looking for.