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Intuit Releases Quicken Mac 2007 OS X Lion Compatible

Perhaps the highest-profile casualty of the switch to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion was Quicken 2007 for Mac, an aging version of Intuit’s finance application that was never updated for Intel hardware. Nonetheless, many people were comfortable enough with it — or, rather, uncomfortable enough with the thought of converting years worth of important financial data to Quicken Essentials or some other new application — that they delayed upgrading to Lion, or kept another Mac that could run Quicken 2007 under 10.6 Snow Leopard (see our series, “Can’t Let Go of Quicken 2007”).

Now, the company has released Quicken Mac 2007 OS X Lion Compatible, a version of that five-year-old software that has been updated just enough to provide Lion compatibility. The update costs $14.99.

In a FAQ, Intuit says this version will open Quicken 2005-2007 files directly, but will not import data from earlier versions. The company also provides a series of steps for migrating (re-migrating? un-migrating? migraining?) transaction data from Quicken Essentials to Quicken Mac 2007 OS X Lion Compatible.


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Comments about Intuit Releases Quicken Mac 2007 OS X Lion Compatible
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John Ludwigson  2012-03-08 16:25
FWIW, I only know about this actually happening thanks to Glenn Fleishman's tweet a few minutes ago on Twitter. Maybe tomorrow others will catch on? Or is Intuit deliberately obscure?
Michael E. Cohen  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2012-03-08 16:53
After waiting months to upgrade her Mac to Lion, my mother finally bit the bullet, went through the trouble of switching to Quicken Essentials, and upgraded last week. I can't imagine how I'm going to break this news to her....
Michael E. Cohen  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2012-03-09 07:42
Follow-up: my mother was delighted to pay the $15 and migrate back to Quicken 2007 under Lion from Quicken Essentials. She reports that it works great.
Paul E.R. Packbier  2012-03-08 17:35
A little too late, too little ... Was using Quicken since the early 90s, but migrated to iBank last year. Don't like it (iBank), but I'm not going to attempt to migrate back to this hacked version, which may not work again when Mountain Lion gets released later this year. I cannot understand why they even did this ... Can't be for the $14.99 upgrade fee ....
Jim Puskar  2012-04-08 12:53
I'm with Justen; It makes me crazy that Intuit, a company which makes a great product, can be so clueless when it comes to supporting the Mac community. I held off upgrading to Lion solely because of the Quicken problem. I tried Quicken Windows, using Parallels on my Mac, and I tried iBank. I had so many problems with file conversion that I was ready to just chuck all of my years of Quicken data and start all over; then the Lion fix was announced, so I waited for it.
Justen  2012-03-08 20:47
There is so much negativity about this release - not here per se - that I want to publicly thank Intuit for doing this. I have held back on upgrading my primary Mac to Lion largely because of Quicken 2007 not working on it. Now that they have done this, I'm one step closer to making the leap. I may give it a few weeks just to see whether or not there are any problems. But I will likely make the move to Lion in the next month or so. I appreciate that Intuit did this and hope it's the beginning of some better products coming to the Mac from them.
Glenn Fleishman  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2012-03-08 20:52
You have to admit it is a little crazy, Intuit's strategy.

But I bought and installed the Lion update, and it makes Quicken 2007 work much, much faster than it ever did in Snow Leopard. I still have to wait while it considers some entries, but it's no longer painfully slow.
SSteve  2012-03-09 09:50
I don't think their strategy was crazy so much as non-existant. Now that the Mint people are in charge of Quicken I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll be seeing more Mac love from Intuit.
Steve Roth  2012-03-10 19:36
You call that a strategy?
Roger Moffat  2012-03-09 05:09
Up until now I have been using Quicken 2006, having never bothered upgrading to Quicken 2007 partly in disgust at Intuit and partly because I didn't see any need to - Quicken 2006 did all I wanted it to.

But this Intuit situation (amongst a few other things) has kept me from upgrading my Mac Pro, which apart from being my "main" computer also "serves" as the Apache webserver for a number of small domains, and for FileMaker Server connecting to a Mac Mini that hosts the FileMaker Pro databases containing over 2,000,000 records for our genealogy society.

I have installed Quicken 2007 (2012) on my MacBook Pro running Mac OS X Lion and on my Mac Pro running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, and so far in a few tests it seems to be working just fine, with only 1 problem found so far.

The problem I found, was as a result of a note I've seen elsewhere that there are no .qif imports in Quicken 2007 (2012) is this:

There is .qif import available, but in the trial I threw at it - to export 18 years of data out to a .qif file, and then attempt to import that into a new empty document fails with a note that it will result in more than the allowed 600 categories, so something is amiss in that regard.

SSteve  2012-03-09 09:49
I am in the same boat as Justen. I've held off upgrading to Lion because I have way too much data in Quicken to abandon. I'm sure it's too much to import into another program and, besides, no other program handles paying bills from within the software. That's a requirement for me. I'll wait a week or two to make sure there aren't too many horror stories and then I'll upgrade my Quicken. Then on to Lion!
Andrew Edsor  2012-03-09 07:15
Intuit really haven't changed.
I first heard about this via a Brit friend who read of it in MacRumors. No e-mail from Intuit despite receiving one from them last December.
The Intuit store will only allow those with US and Canadian addresses to buy it so, as a Brit, that counts me out.
Will it run on OS 10.6 or earlier? The Intuit page doesn't say.
What is Intuit's policy on the future of Quicken for the Mac. If there is none then we all might as well abandon it now.
SSteve  2012-03-09 09:56
It will run on 10.6 according to an Intuit post in their forums:
Charlie  An apple icon for a TidBITS Benefactor 2012-03-09 13:05
Well I bought the new version and it seems to work well, however I've been using Quicken 2010 for Windows since I abandoned Q-2007 early last year and my initial attempts to import from the Win version have been unsuccessful. Looks like I'll have to stay where I am until there's a modern version for the Mac (#naiveHope). Anyway, I hope that my purchasing the stopgap version will encourage Intuit to develop a modern version.
I asked two questions of Quicken's tech support, and got very disappointing answers.

First - Will Intuit support Quicken under soon-to-arrive Mountain Lion? The first answer showed the tech support people didn't know anything about Mountain Lion. After lots of explaining, I then got this reply:

"I need to inform you that we do not have any communication about the compatibility of Quicken Mac 2007 Lion compatible with the Mountain Lion OS. Once Apple launches this OS, our product engineers will test the program with the same Mountain Lion OS and we will inform to all our customers about the same."

Second, I'd given up on Intuit and switched to Moneydance. That program has QIF export, and I'd thought that might allow me to switch back. Can Lion-compatible Quicken import QIF data? Intuit's answer:

"4) You will not be able to import the data files as QIF in Quicken for Mac 2007 (Lion compatible)."

Pretty dismal.
Sue Campbell  2012-03-10 00:03
Before switching from a PC to an Apple system computer, all Quicken data dating from 1990 and 6 entities to current must transfer seamlessly to the Apple OS system. I am currently using Quicken 2005 premier home & business that includes all data from 1990 forward. If I change from a PC to an Apple computer and OS, will this be possible today?

Curtis Ewing  2012-03-10 14:01
My situation is similar to Roger from above. I placed a used iMac that I had retired on my desk next to my Mac Pro which was upgraded and ran the iMac on Snow Leopard solely because of Quicken. After 20 years, I really didn't want to shift to another financial app. I downloaded the new Quicken 2007 for Lion and can run it on my Mac Pro and am happy again. However, I will save the Snow Leopard iMac until I find out what happens long range. Why didn't they do this earlier and preserve good will?
mrfearless47  2012-03-10 18:50
Quicken for Mac has never supported the depth of information that I had when I was running the Windows version. Since the Mac version is so anemic compared to the Windows version, I run VMWare 4.0 solely for the purpose of using Quicken 2012 (formerly 2011, 2010, etc). It isn't worth the hassle trying to switch. When Intuit produces a Mac version that will import a Windows file and use all the commands (including bill pay), then I'll move to the Mac version. Otherwise, I'm stuck on Windows for this single program.
Garth Cochran  2012-03-12 19:27
Still using 2005 but have to keep an old computer running for it. Time to look at MoneyWorks. It's cross platform and works for several countries.
Dave Creek  2012-03-12 19:28
For many of us new Quicken will not open without crashing. Intuit is working to solve the problem but no fix date has been stated.
redward  2012-03-12 20:05
I moved fairly painlessly to SEE Finance about 6 months ago, and it has worked well for me. If Intuit had brought out a fresh Quicken 2012 for Lion, I would have considered using it. This reeks of a desperation move for Intuit.
David Bailin  2012-03-12 20:10
Quicken 2007 for Lion crashes on Snow leopard. Intuit knows this and ask for your Console crash file. No word on when they will fix!
As many above, I held off upgrading to Lion 10.7 so as to use the 2007 Quicken and my envelope budgeting plan. Once they announced the Q2007 upgrade, I bought immediately and began using. No real differences under 10.6. Then upgraded to 10.7 and so far, a week later using it daily, no issues, problems and not any real differences. In fact some of the same old bugs still persist in the new version. But I'm a happy camper and highly recommend the new version.
Joseph Alfano  2012-03-13 06:24
Do yourselves a huge favor--iBank is awesome! No, not quite as polished as Quicken was 10 yrs ago, but perfectly usable, completely stable and it converted all my quicken data flawlessly. Get iBank most of all to send Intuit a message. They have been nothing short of hostile to Mac users for 20 yrs. Why would you stick with an abuser?
I switched from a PC to a Mac years ago, and I've been pissed at Intuit ever since for the horrible job they did with the Mac version and their refusal to fix even basic user interface problems in what upgrades they have squeezed out. I'm looking for something to switch to, and I'll switch even if they come out with a Lion-compatible 2012 version for Mac -- which, apparently, they won't.
Clare Holtan  An apple icon for a TidBITS Supporter 2012-03-13 06:34
Does one upgrade Quicken 2012 first or upgrade to Lion first or does it matter? I have waited to upgrade to Lion...

Quicken 2012 is for Windows only.

The updated Quicken 2007 Mac is the just released Macintosh version
Clare Holtan  An apple icon for a TidBITS Supporter 2012-03-13 12:24
I didn't mean the windows version - just didn't know what to call it - how about Quicken 2007 for Mac which works on Lion now! I'm Mac all the way.
Stan Haines  2012-03-13 11:07
No Thanks! After ignoring Mac users for almost a decade you want to charge me $15 to be compatible!
I switched to iBank and am happy.
They appear to care about us.
Which do you do first, or does it matter?

I have read Intuit's memo or paragraph on installing "Quicken Mac 2007 OS X Lion Compatible" release, and it's not clear to me, as to the order of its installation when going from OS X Snow Leopard to OS X Lion.

In other words, if you have OS X Snow Leopard on your Mac, do you install the "Quicken Mac 2007 OS X Lion Compatible" release first on your Mac Computer which is running OS X Snow Leopard, and then upgrade to OS X Lion and launch Quicken 2007 for the Mac?

Or can you upgrade to OS X Lion first, and then Install the "Quicken Mac 2007 OS X Lion Compatible" release, and then launch Quicken 2007 for the Mac.

Basic question is: Does it make any difference which you should do first or can you do either one should I decide to use it.

Thank you,

Michael Schmitt  2012-03-15 17:08
It doesn't matter which you do first. The new version runs on Snow Leopard or later.
Joe Becker  2012-03-13 17:38
It doesn't work.
The new version crashes when one tries to open an existing data file. The website suggests trashing one's existing stock quotes (which DOES allow one to open the quote-less file), and then downloading quotes from their server.
HOWEVER, investments in things like the CREF Stock and CREF Bond Funds are not on the server, and ALL QUOTE DATA FOR THESE INVESTMENTS ARE LOST FOREVER.

(I have backups, of course. It would have been nice for Intuit to actually TEST this software before charging money for it.)
James Mitchell  2012-03-14 02:27
If after the Intel transition in 2006 Intuit had been selling Quicken Deluxe 2002 for MacOS 9 bundled with Sheepshaver as their full-featured product they would have been a laughing stock. This version of Quicken 2007 bundled with a PowerPC emulator is even older than that would have been.

Surely selling Quicken 2012 for Windows bundled with Cider would be a simpler strategy with more of a future in terms of likely updates.
Michael Schmitt  2012-03-16 06:11
I can see no evidence that there is any PPC code left. It looks like it was all recompiled as Intel.

Now, why Intuit previously said that recompiling as Intel was not feasible, and how they ended up overcoming whatever obstacle there was, is a valid question.
Annie Mac  2012-03-16 16:00
I installed Quicken 2007 (for Lion) on my new IMac
running Lion today. My new computer already contained my data files from my Quicken 2007 previous version that wasn't compatible with Lion. I put the old Quicken 2007 app and ancillary files in the trash, installed the new Lion compatible Quicken 2007 into the folder with my data files, and voila, a seamless transition. No problem at all, everything work just fine. What a relief. Thank you Quicken, for finally making this available.
Christine Robb  2012-03-20 04:42
I was initially happy to see this, and set up a new quicken file-- but every time I want to add a category, it crashes. Back to iBank
Bill D  2012-03-26 15:40
Installed new Quicken for Mac 2007 Lion release. So far one problem. Download of stock quoted are entered into previous day and current day quotes are registered as no change. Any solution?
Doug Grinbergs  2012-03-27 23:33
At the risk of stating the very obvious, it seems like foolish marketing/branding to release a product in 2012 with 2007 in the name - like finally releasing the 5-year-old software you were waiting for. (;-)
Andrew Edsor  2012-03-28 11:29
On the contrary, it would be very dishonest marketing to offer it as a 2012 product when functionally it is a 2007 product. But then I'm a naive customer who expects marketing blurb not to lie :)
Wendy Sacket  2012-04-06 14:36
I've been running the patched version for a couple of weeks now (was able to open my data file with info back to 1987 with no hassles), and the only problem I noticed was that downloading mutual fund quotes to my portfolio was off by one day. (A Leap Year casualty perhaps?) After two days of reentering the daily prices, I decided to just enter the quotes by hand. I was notified of a new update this week, and that patch was installed with no problems as well, but I'm not going to rely on downloading quotes until I'm sure that that bug is fixed.
Kathy Pellegrino  2012-04-28 14:12
I bought the MacBook Air and the Quicken 2007 data was transferred to it. But it won't open. The message says "Power PC applications are no longer accepted." I had downloaded the new Quicken from Intuit onto my old machine, and downloaded it again onto the Air. But still it won't open. Anyone else have this problem?