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“Take Control of OS X Server” Updated for Yosemite Server

As I promised in “‘Take Control of OS X Server’ Ready for Everyone” (24 November 2014), we have now released a new version of Charles Edge’s “Take Control of OS X Server” that is completely updated for Yosemite Server. Honestly, it was an annoying update, since Yosemite’s cosmetic changes forced us to retake nearly every screenshot in the book, and although the changes in Yosemite Server are quite minor, Charles and I still had to pore over every page of the 244-page book to make sure we caught minor differences as well.

More generally, Charles added two new chapters: “What’s New in Yosemite Server” and “Upgrade from Mavericks Server.” He also now explains the new Reachability feature that tells you how your server is accessible from the outside Internet and covers Yosemite Server’s new service-level access permissions. Reachability is interesting because you’ll want to make sure public servers are accessible from the Internet and private servers aren’t — it’s useful for both troubleshooting and security.

The $20 book retains the essential background explanations, step-by-step instructions, and real-world advice you need to set up and run OS X Server successfully in a home or small office environment. With OS X Server, you can share files, create shared calendars, run your own Web server and wiki, cache and coordinate Mac and iOS software updates for your users, manage your organization’s iOS devices, and provide networked Time Machine backups, among much else. Such services can be accessible to anyone on the Internet, or can be limited to users and devices on your local network.

Although we don’t recommend starting with Mavericks Server at this point in time, if you’re already running Mavericks Server, we have a couple of options for you. The 1.0 version of this book, published back in November, focuses on Mavericks Server. So if you want to stick with your existing installation of Mavericks Server — an entirely sensible course of action! — you can buy the current 1.1 version and download the 1.0 version from the Blog tab of the book’s Ebook Extras page. Or, if you do want to upgrade to Yosemite Server, the book now includes a description of what’s new and instructions on upgrading.


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