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Chapter 5 of “Take Control of Security for Mac Users” Available

In this week’s installment from “Take Control of Security for Mac Users,” Joe Kissell turns his attention to the keys to the kingdom — passwords. Put bluntly, if you can answer the question “What’s your password?” you likely have not one but two problems. You should have many passwords, not one, and most should be so long and complex that you couldn’t possibly remember them.

In Chapter 5, “Improve Your Passwords,” Joe explains why this is so important, looks at what’s involved with a “strong” password, suggests several password managers that make using strong passwords easy, and encourages you to change a few key passwords right away.

If you’ve read Joe’s full “Take Control of Your Passwords” and put his advice there into practice, you can skip this chapter — it’s the executive summary of that book. Conversely, if you want more explanation, that title expands this 9-page chapter into a full 104 pages.

If you need to catch up with “Take Control of Security for Mac Users” so far, the first two chapters are available to everyone, but all subsequent chapters are limited to TidBITS members. Those who join the TidBITS membership program receive other benefits too, but what’s most important is that TidBITS members have kept TidBITS afloat the last few years — your support truly is necessary. If you’re already a TidBITS member, log in to the TidBITS site using the email address from which you joined to read and comment on these chapters.

The full ebook of “Take Control of Security for Mac Users” will be available for purchase by everyone in PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket (Kindle) formats once it’s complete.


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