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DealBITS Drawing: Win a Copy of Swift Publisher 4

Despite the modern world’s infatuation with digital communications and social media, there’s still a huge need for print pieces. But you know what? Most people need to make the same small number of things, projects like brochures, flyers, catalogs, newsletters, menus, doorknob hangers, postcards, calendars, and certificates. A general-purpose layout app has power to spare if you want to create a tri-fold brochure or menu, but you’ll spend more time measuring out columns and setting up guides than you will on your actual content.

That’s where BeLight Software’s Swift Publisher shines. Rather than default to a blank page or offer just a couple of sample templates, Swift Publisher focuses the entire process around the type of piece you want to create and a wide variety of professionally designed templates (over 300 total, 100 of which are new in Swift Publisher 4, released just weeks ago).

(As an aside, Swift Publisher does offer an Electronic Media template category, which provides a variety of Facebook cover and Twitter header templates, along with templates for iOS devices so you can create a graphic that would be the exact size of an iPhone screen, for instance.)

Once you pick a template, Swift Publisher provides a solid set of layout tools, with master pages, support for unlimited layers (along with built-in background and foreground layers), and standard graphics and text capabilities. Of course, special projects like calendars have their own controls.

Over 2,000 clip-art photos and illustrations are provided, and another 40,000 are available in BeLight’s $9.95 Extras Pack (which also contains 100 fonts). You can access your own photos from both Photos and iPhoto, and a nice touch is the capability to search for an image on the Internet directly from within the app. Once you’re happy with your project, you can print it yourself, but on the assumption that you may need many copies or non-standard stock, Swift Publisher lets you export to PNG, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, and PDF for sending to a print shop.

So if you’d like to try your hand at designing your own print pieces, enter at the DealBITS page before midnight on 27 September 2015 for a chance to win one of five copies of Swift Publisher, normally priced at $29.95. All information gathered is covered by our comprehensive privacy policy.


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Per Andersen  2015-09-23 12:32
Sounds like a great piece of software which I really could use for all my publishing!
Bruce Giancola  2015-09-27 13:40
Swift Publisher sound like a great piece of software to compose a family reunion get together. I'm planning a family reunion for my 100 year old mother.