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ExtraBITS for 29 February 2016

In ExtraBITS not related to Apple’s battle with the FBI, Apple has updated the third-generation Apple TV to fix bugs and close security vulnerabilities, and the photos in the latest issue of Bon Appétit were shot with iPhones.

Apple Updates Third-Generation Apple TV to 7.2.1 -- The fourth-generation Apple TV may now be the crown jewel of Apple’s living room efforts, but the company hasn’t forgotten about the previous model, releasing Apple TV 7.2.1 for the third-generation Apple TV. The update doesn’t appear to add any new features, but it offers the standard “general performance and stability improvements” and 33 security updates. If the update isn’t pushed to your Apple TV automatically, you can initiate it in Settings > General > Update Software.

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Latest Issue of Bon Appétit Shot with iPhones -- The editors of the venerable culinary magazine Bon Appétit issued an unexpected challenge to its photographers for the March 2016 issue: No cameras other than iPhones. Some of the photographers were taken aback, while others were thrilled at the opportunity. Without their bulky DSLRs and gear, they were occasionally mistaken for tourists, but they reported mostly positive experiences and offered a few tips for making the most of the iPhone’s camera. And the photos look great!

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