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Eye-Fi Gives X2 Card Owners a Reprieve

As Glenn Fleishman reported a month ago, Eye-Fi, which makes SD cards that can automatically transfer newly taken photos to a cloud service, is dropping support for many of its older products as of 15 September 2016 (see “Eye-Fi Demonstrates the Danger of Cloud-Dependent Hardware,” 30 June 2016). Because the software for those cards is cloud-based, the removal of support would have rendered the cards practically unusable.

Fortunately, Eye-Fi is now offering users a short-term solution in the form of the free X2 Utility, a new Mac app for the Eye-Fi X2 and older cards. X2 Utility can transfer photos from impacted cards without requiring cloud connectivity, and it can also activate and set up those cards.

The X2 Utility site linked above provides setup (make sure to uninstall the Eye-Fi Center software before installing) and usage instructions, but Eye-Fi won’t be supporting the app or developing it further. The Mac version is available now, and the company is exploring the feasibility of a Windows version — the exact term used by Eye-Fi was “if and when.”

Kudos to Eye-Fi for developing this interim solution for users of its products, though it would have been nice if the company had anticipated the inconvenience it was causing users and created X2 Utility before announcing that it was dropping support for older cards.


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Comments about Eye-Fi Gives X2 Card Owners a Reprieve
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Considering the obligation to support these products indefinitely (none) and comparing to many other vendors... one has to give Eye-Fi credit.
Er, no.

Eye-Fi was selling these cards up until the end of support announcement. I'm one of many who own a bunch of X2 cards, and bought my latest as recently as a month before the announcement. The whole driver for dropping support was the acquisition of EyeFi by Ricoh, customer's be damned.