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It’s Not You, iTunes 12.5 Keeps Updating

Apple released iTunes 12.5.2 recently to fix a problem with play order and squash a bug related to lyrics and Beats 1 (see “iTunes 12.5.2,” 28 October 2016).

However, many people were surprised when the App Store app started offering iTunes 12.5.3 shortly after that, with exactly the same release notes. Checking iTunes > About iTunes revealed that its extended version was iTunes

A day later, those who had installed 12.5.3 wondered if something had gone wrong when the App Store app prompted them to install iTunes 12.5.3 yet again, with those same release notes once more. That version identified itself internally as iTunes

We have no idea how these three versions might differ, but it isn’t related to anything you’ve done — Apple bears full responsibility for the confusion.

If you installed iTunes 12.5.2, it’s almost certainly worth installing the latest version of 12.5.3, under the assumption that whatever the changes may have been, they were so small that it wasn’t even worth moving the version number to 12.5.4.


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Comments about It’s Not You, iTunes 12.5 Keeps Updating
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johnjgallo1  2016-11-03 15:19
Hello Mr. Engst:

For about 10 days I was getting a "core telephony” error on startup of my mid 2015 15 inch Macbook pro. This was dispensed with bysimple clicking of the OK on the error splash. The error stopped one day ago after down loading the then current iteration of iTunes. Perhaps this was the bug they were correcting? I believe the bug may started after downloading iTunes. Just wondering?

John J. Gallo
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2016-11-03 15:20
It seems a little unlikely, since iTunes should have no connection with telephony, but who knows?
Brian Caswell  2016-11-03 17:44
Thanks for pointing that out! I hadn't thought to look at updates. I'm running El Capitan (slowly but successfully) on an early 2008 iMac. Two days ago, I added a new track to iTunes, and it crashed whilst trying to upload it to Match (crash report said "Crashed Thread: 32 TrackProcessor::Data Extraction Thread"). I could only run iTunes by deleting the new track. Several more attempts with this and other tracks led to the same outcome.

Now I've tried again and all is sweetness and light!
Paul S  2016-11-03 21:52
The 'fixes' broke my iTunes. I am getting a weird error when trying to purchase a song - 'Credit balance is out of date. Click OK to refresh and try your purchase again.'
Scrolling quits working in the mini player using a trackpad or a mouse. If I resize the window, it seems to fix it - for a bit.

They are pushing out crappy software lately.
thorann  2016-11-03 22:57
hmm thank you!! I've had a problem with my iTunes since two days ago. It crashes every time I open it, with the pop up saying "Crashed Thread: 24 TrackProcessor: :Data Extraction Thread" Do you think this could be related?
Jerry Huller  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2016-11-04 16:53
After the latest update, something else broke. II'm no longer able to update multiple apps simultaneously. I can only do one at a time. Sometimes I got a message about not being able to update an app (I forget the exact wording now). I have to go view my iTunes Store account so that I can proceed with updating an app.
Cheryl179  2016-11-06 22:48
I have the latest version 12.5.3 installed on my computer, however, still getting the message "credit balance is out of date". Was able to download purchases straight onto ipod.
Jason W  2016-11-12 18:55
I was getting the "credit balance out of date" message in iTunes (12.5.3) when trying to purchase an album. I had a small credit balance showing in store view and knew it was not correct - I had spent all credits using Music Store on my phone. I could not figure out how to refresh it. I signed out of the store account in iTunes and signed back in. The "balance" was removed and I was able to make the new purchase.
Maggie Cain  2016-11-15 12:02
Thank you Jason! I really appreciate this advice; it worked.
Graham Allsopp  2016-11-07 05:49
Any idea why iTunes keeps offering me updates, but when I click on the link the App Store doesn't have the update?

Certainly happened since v12, and almost certainly with earlier versions.

Downloading complete new install from Apple is getting to be a pain.

Running 10.12.1, and everything else appears to update automatically through App Store
Dennis B. Swaney  2016-11-07 19:51
I only have 12.5.3 BUT, now EVERY time I launch iTunes I'm asked:

Do you want the application “” to accept incoming network connections?

Even though I click the Allow button, I get this at the next launch.

Previously it only happened with a third-party personal finance application, but only the first time I launch it the first time each day; whereas with iTunes it is every time it is launched during the day. I have no idea how to stop it for either application.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2016-11-08 10:14
That sounds more like a message from a utility like Little Snitch or some other network monitoring app.
Phil Seymour  2016-11-08 01:57
I am glad I haven't bothered to update since 12.5.0. One of the reasons I started buying Apple Mac computers in 1987 was to get away from DOS and the constant fiddling with computer issues. It seems that the new trend is to keep adding unnecessary features that don't quite work. Welcome to the the new DOS approach to Apple design.
hipunk  2016-11-12 00:55
I am actually quite upset about the current iTunes 12, because of the crippled search function it now has.

I started using iTunes at version 2. Back then, iTunes was incredible: It allowed the user to search a big library live, without having the user to press enter. It was basically the birth of one of the major features of Mac OS 10: Spotlight (even 10.3 had that kind of search in the Finder).
Now, when I search tunes, I have to press enter. Not only that, when I do so, an animation starts, which then stops the tabulator key (quick typist), so that the search field sometimes gets reset to blank again.

Not only that, usually, when a GUI change was made, there was a new major release.
Nowadays, they change stuff with point releases. I've now got a useless airplay button and new default 'blank' cover art and a different search field look than e.g. in 12.3.3.

I do not want match, Music nor suggestions. I have my music and I want to find it beautifully again.

I'm really upset about it
Hello. Can anyone help me please.
I upgraded from iPhone 6S to 7 plus. Tried to restore the back up from my iTunes in MacBook Pro but it kept on saying "for this version of iPhone download iTunes 12.5.4".. so I did it.. but then it repeatedly appears that "version 12.5.4 is not verified, please try again".. I tried upgrading iTunes 10 times almost but no help.. now I'm stuck with the new phone and I can't restore my backup.. anyone who can help me out please?
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2016-12-14 09:33
Can you make a backup from the old iPhone to iCloud instead of iTunes, and then restore from that?