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Apple Announces iPhone 6s Repair Program for Unexpected Shutdowns

Apple has created a repair program for the iPhone 6s to address an issue that could cause the phones to shut down spontaneously. The fix is to replace the battery.

Apple says that the problem affects a very small number of iPhone 6s models manufactured between September and October 2015 with specific serial numbers. At first, Apple didn’t have a serial number checker available for this program, but they’ve since added one. Simply enter your device’s serial number on the repair program Web page to see if your device qualifies.


If your iPhone 6s is shutting down unexpectedly, you can schedule an appointment with an Apple Authorized Service Provider or the Genius Bar at your nearest Apple Store, or you can contact Apple Technical Support. As always, be sure to back up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud before you take it in for service.

Apple didn’t say whether it would reimburse users who have already paid to have the battery replaced in these phones, perhaps because it affects so few people. That said, if you’ve had your iPhone 6s battery replaced because of this problem, contact Apple to see if the company will help.


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Comments about Apple Announces iPhone 6s Repair Program for Unexpected Shutdowns
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Ann Thompson  2016-11-21 22:32
My 6S has shut down a few times, so I called Apple "chat" and gave the lady my iPhone serial number. She could not help me and said I had to go to an Apple Store! I live 6 hours round trip from the nearest Apple Store but she said she could not check my serial number to see if my phone was one of those affected! I'm not about to drive all that way to be told I don't qualify. They need to publish serial numbers!
Scott M.  2016-11-23 03:20
I have to agree. There is zero reason why they could not create a tool on the website where you enter in your serial number and it tells you whether you are in the range where the repair in offered.

I have had one occasion where my 6S shutdown with something like 30 to 50% of the battery still left, but it has been a while (thus why I cannot recall more specifically the battery percentage). Other than that, it has behaved pretty well. I have a number of occasions where it will shutdown with under 20%, but still not too often. If I wanted to have it checked out, I don't have to drive as far as you. For me, it is only about 2 hours round trip to the closest Apple Store, but I drive up that way all the time for other reasons. Thus, it is not a big hassle for me to make an appointment, but that does not mean I cannot recognize that it could be a big hassle for many others.

Apple used to be better than this.
I have a shutdown issue with my 6S (Oct 2015). When the battery is about 40% or less and I ask Siri a question the phone will more often than not shutdown with a red plugin battery icon. To restart you have to plug in to power then the battery will show the original percentage again. This was repeatable the other night. The battery also discharges rapidly especially when running Facetime (about 1% every minute). I carry a spare battery pack just in case now.

I phoned the local registered Apple dealer today (no Apple shop in Wellington NZ) quoted my serial number and they indicated it was eligible for repair but will take 4-5 days.
Richard  2016-11-23 23:10
I called about this the other day and was on the phone a half hour with AppleCare and they didn't seem to know a thing about it. Then they found it and asked me when my iPhone 6s was manufactured. I told them how the heck should I know? I told them to look up my serial number but they didn't seem to be able to do that.

Then I was passed off to another person who finally got to the bottom of it and my iPhone is one that's affected (I've never had a problem but will go for the new battery).

All of this took one hour on the phone. One hour.

In the end I had to go to an Apple store (an hour away) and wait while they swap out the battery.

So, in closing, I told the person at Apple, why not have a web tool that allows people to type in their serial number and check for themselves. She had no clue what I was talking about.

Not only is Apple marginalizing the Mac, it seems their customer service is falling apart as well.
Somnath Roy  2016-11-28 02:18
I am having this weird problem when I am using the Facetime app. Sometimes it just calls out on its own without me pressing anything on the screen. This is really embarrassing. Then just after that the phone switches off on its own. I am glad that Apple has announced repair programme for the iPhone 6s
This article claims there is now a serial number range for devices eligible for battery replacement.
Here's a link Apple set up to check serial no.
Doug Miller  2016-12-07 17:32
I had my battery replaced today for this. I guess I'm lucky that I live 25 minutes away from an Apple Store. I had an appointment last week and, most definitely, the techs at the Genius Bar are well aware of this issue - they have had a lot of people in. The verified that my serial number was covered and ran some diagnostics on the hardware. They had no batteries in stock, so had to order one for me, which came in yesterday. I made another appt when they called yesterday and went back in today. The battery was replaced in one hour (they initially told me that it can be double that on weekends, when they are much busier.)

The tech did tell me that in rare case they will damage the battery during the repair and, if that happens, because they don't have spare batteries in stock, they will provide you with a new iPhone 6s. (I specifically asked if it would be refurbished - no, he said; it will be a new phone.)

The shutdown issue happened to me exactly once, a couple of weeks ago.
Marie veenstra  2016-12-12 17:33
Anyone had this problem with the standard 6? I have twice now, once in the middle of a group exercise class I teach. Half way through the class and no more music. Very embarrassing. Made me seem flaky, like I couldn't charge my phone before teaching. When I began class I had over 50%. I even put it on airplane mode. No way the battery should have died. I've taught for twice as long on half the battery life. Not sure what to do since I've only seen this problem spoken of in relation to the S. I guess I'll call Verizon.
Scott M.  2016-12-12 19:39
You likely will have a better chance either taking it to an Apple Store (make an appointment) or call/chatting with Apple Support. There is a rather good chance that is what Verizon will tell you to do.

I am not saying that Apple will necessarily do anything about it, but they are more likely to do something than Verizon will.