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DealBITS Discount: Save 30% on Letter Opener for macOS Mail

Congratulations to Edward Minot at, Joyce Mastboom at, Michael Riccio at, Zachary Braff at, and Tonya Dale at, whose entries were chosen randomly in the last DealBITS drawing and who each received a copy of Creative in Austria’s winmail.dat decoding utility Letter Opener for macOS Mail.

If you didn’t win but still need a tool to decode winmail.dat files automatically, Creative in Austria is offering a 30 percent discount off Letter Opener for macOS Mail through 30 April 2017, dropping the price from $39.99 to $27.99. To take advantage of this exclusive discount for TidBITS readers, use coupon code TIDBITS when ordering.

Thanks to the 196 people who entered this DealBITS drawing, and good luck in future drawings!


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Comments about DealBITS Discount: Save 30% on Letter Opener for macOS Mail
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Derrick Yamaura  2017-04-18 17:04
Zach Braff... the actor? Interesting, if so! :)
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2017-04-18 17:28
My lips are sealed, either way. :-)
janesprando  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2017-04-24 20:43
I forgot the Dealbits drawings. Where/when do you enter?
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2017-04-25 09:34
When we announce the drawing, the entry link is in that article. It's always

But there has to be an open drawing for anything to be on that page.
Jon Olson  2017-04-24 21:17
Aren't there also free options? Those should be mentioned as well and compared/contrasted please.
Yes, tnef's enough - free/donationware and works great - or in app store