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MacTech Pro 2017 Dates and Locations

As our TidBITS Content Network starts to gain traction with Apple consultants and resellers, I’m becoming increasingly aware of all the excellent resources available to Apple-focused IT professionals. MacTech’s regional event series, called MacTech Pro, has nine events this year, with seven remaining in cities around the country.

Although the speakers vary by city, each MacTech Pro event covers the same ground, with sessions on:

  • Creating a Storage Strategy: Integrating Solutions for Cloud, Local, Network with Access, Archive, and Backup in Mind

  • Deployment Methods: Files, Configurations, and Directory Services

  • Scripting Python: Solo and Playing with the Other Kids

  • Group Discussion: Limited Time, Limited Resources. Best Practices to Optimize You

  • Internet of Things and Home Automation

  • Security: Don’t Be the Low-Hanging Fruit for a Hacker

  • macOS Troubleshooting: Console Is Your Friend

  • The Tools You Should Know

In 2017, the remaining MacTech Pro events are:

  • May 3 in Atlanta — Session Chair: Bob Garst
  • May 24 in Washington, DC — Session Chair: Will O’Neal
  • June 28 in Denver — Session Chair: Weldon Dodd
  • July 26 in New York — Session Chair: Christopher Holmes
  • August 9 in Orlando — Session Chair: Tim Hassett
  • August 30 in Chicago — Session Chair: Ben Greiner
  • September 27 in San Francisco — Session Chair: TBA

Although each MacTech Pro event normally costs $499, TidBITS readers can register for just $299 and get a free subscription to MacTech Magazine as well. Educational and non-profit pricing is $199. All registrations include lunch.

As with the add-ons at MacTech Conference, if you are interested in the Watchman Monitoring Proactive Support Professional Certification, that course takes place the evening before each MacTech Pro event and costs an additional $249.

Although my schedule hasn’t firmed up yet, I’m hoping to be able to attend at least the 26 July 2017 event in New York City to network with the participants.


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Boy! Most of those session topics would be great titles for ebooks!
Just sayin'
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2017-04-22 10:53
One of them already is: "Troubleshooting Your Mac: A Joe On Tech Guide" (the latest edition of what was Take Control of Troubleshooting Your Mac).

We also did "Take Control of Security for Mac Users," but it didn't prove that popular, unfortunately, and is now too out of date.

We're considering a book on home automation, and have been writing about it a bunch here in TidBITS as a warmup. See

And finally, there's one other book we have in the discussion stages that covers one of those topics perfectly — I'll let you try to figure out which one. :-)