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Take Control Books Having a 50%-Off Sale This Week

Apple has been pushing out new releases lickety-split, and our friends at Take Control have been working hard to keep up, publishing and updating books about iOS 11, High Sierra, iCloud, and more. This week only, you can save 50 percent on all orders.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for you to fill out your library with any of the dozens of Take Control books on Apple apps (like Preview, Pages, and iTunes), the cloud, privacy and security, Mac productivity and automation, and even how to preserve your digital legacy. The sale will be over before pumpkin spice products disappear from the shelves, and you’ll never see lower prices on Take Control books.


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Comments about Take Control Books Having a 50%-Off Sale This Week
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Reinard Schmitz   2017-10-25 05:54
Can't find any hint about 50% off... ?
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2017-10-25 18:32
Not sure why the green banner on the site isn't showing it, but if you click through from this article, put books in the cart and start the checkout, you'll see the discount.
Reinard Schmitz   2017-10-26 11:58
Yep, thanks. I just tried and it worked :-)
Jo Morse  2017-10-26 12:08
Didn't work for me. I'm charged the full price for High Sierra book.
Haven't downloaded it yet.
Joe Kissell  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2017-10-26 15:41
If the coupon isn't showing up when you begin checking out for some reason, you can manually enter coupon code CPN04043960SALE. If you have any further problems, email and we'll help you out!
Jo Morse  2017-10-27 13:43
I tried coupon versions like 50% off, etc., but didn't find the real code when entering my order. So I'm charged full price. I guess that's life. I tried reaching support but that didn't work either. Good thing today I ordered your how to maintain your Mac. Your site couldn't find "support."
Jo Morse  2017-10-28 15:53
Thanks, TidBits, for straightening out my problem.