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Geoff joined TidBITS in 1994 as Managing Editor, served as Technical Editor through 2006, and is now Editor at Large. Geoff's also a working musician, freelance writer & editor, and sometime Web developer.

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The More Things Change...

Apple Settles with Creative for $100 Million

Dell Recalls 4.1 Million Batteries

Apple Updates Boot Camp Beta

Creative Hits Apple With iPod Patent Suit

Fox TV Shows Hit iTunes

The War Over Neutrality

Not Guilty: Apple Beats Beatles Trademark Dispute

Apple to "Take Back" Macs for Recycling

iPod Update Offers Maximum Volume Setting

Apple Converts Xserves from PowerPC to AMD

Carry That Weight: Apple Versus Apple

Significant Safari Exploit Discovered

It's a Small World, After All

Apple Posts $565 Million Q1 2006 Profit

Internet Explorer Officially Fades Away

RealNetworks Unveils Browser-Based Rhapsody

iTunes Music Store Sells Over 1 Million Videos

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.4.3

ICANN and VeriSign Agree to End Site Finder Suits

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