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Geoff joined TidBITS in 1994 as Managing Editor, served as Technical Editor through 2006, and is now Editor at Large. Geoff's also a working musician, freelance writer & editor, and sometime Web developer.

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Power Computing to Bundle Now Software

Kick Your Epson into Gear

Hits and Misses of Customer Service

Apple Announces Reorganization

Canon Takeover Rumors Buoy Apple Stock

Apple to Offer Web Servers

New Mac LC Based on PowerPC 603

Radius System 100 "Debuts"

Duo Dock Addiction

Them's Fightin' Words - Desktop Video's Legal Flamewar

We'd Like to Thank The Academy

Microsoft to Corner Floppy Market?

C What I Mean?

Easy View 2.6.1

DreamWorks Interactive

Dressing for Decency

Better to Rule in Hell than Serve in Heaven

Yet More New Apple System Software Up!

New Apple System Software Components

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