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Geoff joined TidBITS in 1994 as Managing Editor, served as Technical Editor through 2006, and is now Editor at Large. Geoff's also a working musician, freelance writer & editor, and sometime Web developer.

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Keep Your Doors Locked

Take a Deep Breath: Word 6.0a

GIF Gaffe

Image is Everything: ShrinkWrap 1.2

The End of the GIF-Giving Season

Excuse Me, But Your Slips Are Showing

Clone Alone

IBM Halts Pentium Shipments

Got those MacTCP 2.0.6 Updater Blues?

PowerBooks, Quantum Daytonas, & SCSI Manager 4.3

OS Directions: Marconi, Copland, and Gershwin

Pentium Bugs, Part II

Math Bug Confirmed in Pentium Chips

Life in the Fast Lane

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