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Glenn Fleishman is a TidBITS contributing editor and Seattle journalist who covers technology for publications like The Economist, The Seattle Times, and Ars Technica. Glenn is a senior contributor at Macworld, and writes regularly for BoingBoing. For TidBITS, Glenn built much of the technology infrastructure. Glenn lives in Seattle with his wife, Lynn, sons Ben and Rex, two iPhones, an iPad, and a dozen Macs of various vintages.

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InstantMessageGram for Mr. Mongo!

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Question: What's the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web?

Question: How do I make a Web site searchable?

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Call for Writers

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Question: Who pays for the Internet?

Hiatus for American Thanksgiving

Pee En Gee - See Ya Real Soon!

Question: How fast is a residential phone line?

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You're on Report

Image Ownership

Question: What's surfing got to do with it?

Oooo, Canada!

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