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Glenn Fleishman is a TidBITS contributing editor and Seattle journalist who covers technology for publications like The Economist, The Seattle Times, and Ars Technica. Glenn is a senior contributor at Macworld, and writes regularly for BoingBoing. For TidBITS, Glenn built much of the technology infrastructure. Glenn lives in Seattle with his wife, Lynn, sons Ben and Rex, two iPhones, an iPad, and a dozen Macs of various vintages.

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Hey, I'm Talking to You! Part 2

Easier Than Upgrading a PC

Welcome to NetBITS!

Hey, I'm Talking to You! Part 1

Question: Why Aren't I Seeing Full ISDN Speeds?

Question: Who's Visiting My Web Site?

Question: How Do You Pronounce "URL"?

Virtual PC: Slow But Well Worth the Wait

Border Wars on the Net

Wrestling in the Global Village

InterNIC Employs a Guard Dog

Domain Name Registration Fees Underway

The Experiment is Over

Apple's 16-bit Solution

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