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Jeff Porten is an itinerant Internet consultant, who practices maybe three out of seven effective habits.

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CES 2013: Showstoppers from Useful to Insane

CES 2013: Pepcom’s Digital Exhaustion… er, Experience

CES 2013: Cases, Chargers, Docks, and Houseplant Monitors?

Good (And Not So Good) Old Games Now on the Mac

“What Makes a Technology Cool,” According to Neil deGrasse Tyson

Pondering Cybersecurity in the Real World

The Amazing Meeting 2011: Richard Dawkins vs. Chuck Norris

The Amazing Meeting 2011: Skeptic Podcasts

The Amazing Meeting 2011: What is the JREF?

CFP 2011: Arab Spring or Twitter Revolution?

CFP 2011: Shine On, You Crazy Senator!

CFP 2011: Teens and Data Retention

CFP 2011: “Do Not Track” Debate

Should We Care about New Top-Level Domains?

iOS Hearing Aids... or, How to Buy Superman’s Ears

CES 2011: More Exhausting News from the Future

(Not) Getting Things Done with Bumptop for Mac

CES 2010: More ShowStopping Products

CES 2010: Living in the Past

CES 2010: Blending the Future

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