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Jeff Porten is an itinerant Internet consultant, who practices maybe three out of seven effective habits.

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iOS Hearing Aids... or, How to Buy Superman’s Ears

CES 2011: More Exhausting News from the Future

(Not) Getting Things Done with Bumptop for Mac

CES 2010: More ShowStopping Products

CES 2010: Living in the Past

CES 2010: Blending the Future

CES 2010: Rolling the DECE

CFP 2009 Part 1: Threats to Privacy

Upcoming Coverage of Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2009

Digital Rights Misery: When Technology Is Designed to Fail

CES 2008 Day 3: Robots and Wrap-up

CES 2008 Day 2: From iPods to iShoes

CES 2008 Day 1: Keyboards, Power, Eyewear, and More

CES 2008 Day 1: Finding My Bearings

FileMaker's Bento: Undercooked and Slightly Fishy

Build Your Own 23-inch MacBook

Getting Things Done with Your Macintosh, Part 2

Getting Things Done with Your Macintosh, Part 1

CFP 2006: Life, Liberty and Digital Rights

Life Balance: Balanced Software for Unbalanced People

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