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Matt Neuburg has been writing for TidBITS since 1991, concentrating on issues surrounding word processing, databases and text organization programs, scripting and innovative programming systems, and a variety of utilities. He has written some popular freeware programs, such as MemoryStick and NotLight. He has created the online documentation for a number of applications, such as Script Debugger and Opal. He has written books about programming Frontier, REALbasic, and AppleScript, and is the author of various Take Control ebooks.

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Form, Function, and QuicKeys 3.5, Part 2

Form, Function, and QuicKeys 3.5, Part 1

Now Utilities Turns 6-Point-Something

WebArranger Handles More than the Web

Get Your Hands on Prograph

The User Over Your Shoulder - Malign Neglect

Now Utilities Update and Demo

Talking Into The Mouse: Hollywood And Computers

Living in the Now - Now Utilities 5.0, Newer and Better

Out of Control? Night Thoughts of the User Over Your Shoulder

The User Over Your Shoulder: Apple vs. The Little Guy

HyperCard 2.2: The Great Becomes Greater

The User Over Your Shoulder: The New Technologies Treadmill

MORE, MORE, Dinosaur


Letter from the Antipodes: Censorship on the Internet

Now Utilities Palinode

Inspiration 4.0: Outliners and Me


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