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Matt Neuburg has been writing for TidBITS since 1991, concentrating on issues surrounding word processing, databases and text organization programs, scripting and innovative programming systems, and a variety of utilities. He has written some popular freeware programs, such as MemoryStick and NotLight. He has created the online documentation for a number of applications, such as Script Debugger and Opal. He has written books about programming Frontier, REALbasic, and AppleScript, and is the author of various Take Control ebooks.

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Snow Leopard's Creator-Code Snubbing Now Official

How to Fix Snow Leopard's Finder-Copying Bug

A Finder-Copying Bug in Snow Leopard

ScreenFlow 2.0

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Tracking Down Snow Leopard's Apple Events Bug

Snow Leopard Snubs Document Creator Codes

What's New in Snow Leopard

Cause of Font Cache Bug Revealed?

Path Finder 5 Beats the Finder's Pants Off

ClickToFlash Spiffs the Safari Experience

How to Reformat a New External Hard Disk

Ten Surprising Uses of BBEdit

Apple Releases General Support Update 2009-001

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