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Apple Takes Steps to Increase Sales

Aladdin Stuffs In More Features

Riven Updated Immediately

Red Orb Ships Riven, the Sequel to Myst

Blind Luck and the RSA Data Security Challenge

Microsoft Releases New PowerPoint Converter

Apple Stock Rises as Tech Stocks Tank

GraphicConverter Updated

New Version of Quicken Released

RSA 56-bit Challenge Met, New 64-bit Challenge Begun

Apple Announces New MessagePad, Newton Layoffs Rumored

Ra-Ra Apple, Go Claris

Aladdin Releases Spring Cleaning 2.0

Apple Posts $161 Million Fourth Quarter Loss

Apple Cuts Prices, Begins Rebates

Drive Setup 1.3.1 Fixes Boot Problem

Apple Charges for Support

Apple Begins New Ad Campaign, Posts QuickTime Movie

Claris Ships FileMaker Pro 4.0

Speed Doubler 8 adds Mac OS 8 Compatibility

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