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Tonya Engst co-founded TidBITS with Adam Engst back in 1990 when publishing on the Internet was either strange or revolutionary, depending on your viewpoint. Since then, along with performing nearly every imaginable role involved in running TidBITS, she has worked at Cornell University's academic computer store (selling Macs, PCs, and NeXTs), worked at Microsoft as a technical support person, written and co-written several books, written oodles of articles for the likes of MacWEEK and Macworld, become a parent, edited various books, and worked as editor-in-chief for the Take Control series of electronic books through 2017.

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The Word Book

Robin Williams Shows Who's Boss

New PowerBook Comments

PowerBook upgrades

Macintosh Rip-offs

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

MacInTax & Common Cents

Soft Support

Your Customer Could be a Space Alien

Two New Macs - A Quick Trip Around the AV Room

Apple Workgroup Servers

Silicon Mirage: A Virtual Review

Sounding Off

WriteNow 3.0 Review

Swapping Batteries In Your Sleep

Help! The Art of Computer Technical Support

Little Mac Word Book

Apple Prices Slashed

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