In this part of Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, I introduce myself and give you a look at what the Internet is, why it's so neat, and where it came from. I also give you a glimpse of what life on the net is like. These five chapters convey the proper mindset for thinking about the Internet, a mindset without which you may find the Internet an overwhelming place.

Chapter 1, "Welcome," starts out slowly to allow us to introduce ourselves to one another. It also lays out the basic requirements for using the Internet. Chapter 2, "Why is the Internet Neat?," talks about what makes the Internet a special place, and Chapter 3, "What is the Internet?," supports that by attempting to define the Internet. Chapter 4, "The Internet Beanstalk," provides a brief look at the past and future of the Internet, although if you don't like reading about history, feel free to skip it. If you find yourself condemned to repeat history at some later time, though, don't blame me, since Chapter 4 provides the background that you need to understand why the Internet is the way it is and how it works politically. Finally, Chapter 5, "Exploring the Internet," gives you a feel for what life on the net is really like. It's an excerpt from my book Internet Explorer Kit for Macintosh (Hayden Books, 1994), co-authored with Bill Dickson.

Chapter 1, "Welcome,"
Chapter 2, "Why Is the Internet Neat?,"
Chapter 3, "What Is the Internet?,"
Chapter 4, "The Internet Beanstalk,"
Chapter 5, "Exploring the Internet,"