Appendix B

Internet Starter Kit Providers

In order to help you get connected to the Internet as quickly and inexpensively as possible, we have developed a set of Internet Starter Kit providers. These providers, which include a number of local, national, and non-U.S. organizations, have agreed to give Internet Starter Kit readers free Internet access time or special discounts on their services. Even better, we have included custom configuration files for each of these providers on the Internet Starter Kit disks. These configuration files enable you to get connected quickly and easily, since many of the settings are embedded in the configuration files.

Organizing these providers was fairly tough, since some cover more than one area and some cover the whole country. To make this information as easy to use as possible, we have organized them like this: Each provider has its own page in this appendix. The information on these pages should be enough for you to figure out which provider you would like to try. What should you look for? To keep your costs down, you probably want to find a provider who you can call with a local phone call, so check the Cities with Access Numbers and Area Codes items. There may be several that you can choose from, so use the other information such as rates and the special Starter Kit promotion to figure out which is most advantageous for you. Also check the national providers pages, because you might actually have lower costs by using one of them. Of course, if there is no local provider listed in your area, one of the national providers may be your best bet. If you don't live in the U.S., check the non-U.S. providers who have agreed to work with us; although this list is relatively small, we hope to make it larger in subsequent editions. Once you have decided on a provider to try, use the contact information and signup process information to signup with that provider.

NOTE: Appendix C contains another list of providers, but there are no special deals or configuration files for those providers. With one of them, you are on your own. Still, if you can't find a provider that's right for you in this appendix, check appendix C.

This sounds more complicated than it really is. Don't worry, it isn't that tough. Here's a description of the data you will find for each provider:

The list begins with the providers located on the West coast of the U.S. From there, the list moves east across the U.S. all the way to the East coast. Next comes U.S. providers that are in Hawaii. After that come providers who cover the entire nation. Last, but certainly not least, are non-U.S. providers.

NOTE: Remember that coverage areas don't always match geographic locations, so make sure you look over several providers in order to get the best connection for you.

Northwest Nexus Inc.

Description: Northwest Nexus Inc. offers a wide range of low-cost options to give both private individuals and companies access to the vast resources of the Internet: millions of people interacting on thousands of subjects and data available from countless sources, including the U.S. government, universities, research labs, and private corporations.

Signup Process: Use a terminal program set to 8, N, 1; dial 206-455-8455; login as "new"; press Enter for password; read information; provide billing and account information.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: With coupon in book, 25% off monthly charges for Personal SLIP and Personal PPP accounts!

Area: Northwest

P.O. Box 40597
Bellevue, WA 98015-4597
Voice: 206-455-3505
Fax: 206-455-4672

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Seattle, Bellevue, Auburn, Lynnwood, Lacey, Olympia, Shelton, Tacoma, Mt. Vernon, WA

Area Codes: 206, 360

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, Shell, UUCP, MS Mail gateway, dialup, ISDN, Frame Relay, T-1, other dedicated lines

Server Addresses:,, POP & SMTP:, NNTP:, DNS: (


Personal Shell: $20/month
Personal SLIP: $30/month (less with special offer)
Personal PPP: $30/month (less with special offer)

Personal Shell, SLIP, and PPP: $30 startup

Other rates on request


Description: OlympusNet offers PPP dialup to the north Olympic Peninsula in Washington. We provide a WWW server whose focus is the Olympic Peninsula's recreation, businesses, and cultural events. Business customers may post their WWW pages via email from the Internet, CompuServe, AOL, etc. Olympus customers' personal pages are free within limits.

Signup Process: Phone 360-385-0464 to sign up.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: $10 off first month's access!

Area: Northwest

P.O. Box 1824
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Voice: 360-385-0464

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Port Angeles, Port Ludlow, Port Townsend, Sequim, WA

Area Codes: 360

Services Offered: PPP, ISDN (future)

Server Addresses:,


$30 startup
$75 quarterly for 50 hours per month

Montana Online

Description: Montana Online provides complete Internet access to individuals, businesses, schools, and other organizations in the state of Montana. All major services are included, such as email, FTP, Telnet, Usenet, WWW, WAIS, Gopher, Archie, IRC, etc. We offer an easy-to-use menu system built into all Shell accounts. SLIP support includes POP, SMTP, NNTP, and other access. We also specialize in offering access to local and rural telephone cooperatives and Internet cooperatives. Other services include customized business directories, local chat and conference systems, file storage areas, and online databases. One of our goals is to provide low-cost local Internet access to user groups in the many smaller communities across Montana.

Signup Process: New users should first contact our office by voice to receive their signup kit in the mail. Signup kits are also mailed to interested parties who dial or telnet into our demo server and leave their addresses. After creation of their accounts, users will be able to log in at any time.

In addition we also have a free SLIP trial account that anyone with the necessary software can access for up to ten minutes in one session. The setup for this account is: Main Phone Number (other numbers apply): 406-721-9100; Login Name: slipdemo; Password: ; User IP Address:; Gateway Address: (; NNTP Server:; Domain Suffix:; SLIP Baud Rate: 9,600/19,200/38,400. (Mail access is disabled with the trial account.)

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: 10% off your first year's billing (whether you prepay or pay monthly) including all setup fees! Plus access to the free trial SLIP account.

Area: Northwest

1801 S. 3rd W.
Missoula, MT 59801
Voice: 406-721-4952
Fax: 406-721-4952

Email Address (human response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Alberton, Alta, Avon, Arlee, Charlo, Clinton, Condon, Dixon, Drummond, Haugan, Helmville, Lolo, Missoula, Noxon, Ovando, Philipsburg, Potomac, Plains, St. Ignatius, St. Regis, Seeley Lake, Superior, and Thompson Falls, MT. Additional POPs to be added by June 1995: Anaconda, Billings, Great Falls, and Hamilton, MT. We will also be providing local access numbers in Livingston, Bozeman, and Butte, but do not have an established date yet.

Area Codes: 406

Services Offered: Dialup Shell, SLIP (demand), SLIP (dedicated), PPP (dedicated), special access (leased line, etc.)

Server Addresses:,, telnet:// (login: demo)


Individual/Family Account:
Monthly: $20
6 months (prepaid): $100
1 year (prepaid): $190

Business Account:
Monthly: $30
6 months (prepaid): $150
1 year (prepaid): $285

These prices include unlimited hourly usage. For all credit card or company check monthly accounts, there is a $20 setup fee. Cash or personal check payments must be at least three months prepaid. All standard users receive one Shell account with access to dialup SLIP using the same login and password. Special dedicated line rates, etc., range in price from $50 per month. Interested users should contact our office We also offer special group rates on accounts for corporations, schools, and other local communities and large organizations.

North Bay Network

Description: North Bay Network: low-cost, high-reliability Internet connection. The North Bay Network is now offering low-cost, full-time, direct Internet connectivity to North Bay area residents and businesses. NBN is a community-oriented organization dedicated to making the vast information and tools that can be found on the Internet available, at reasonable rates, to everyone who needs or wants it. NBN offers a direct connection to the Internet from your computer, not a BBS or Unix Shell account.

We place no restrictions on the content or use of your connection -- you can resell your bandwidth, run a BBS, share it with friends, etc. In addition to basic IP connectivity, we provide other services such as a Usenet news server, domain name service for your domain, address space (for those who require it), an FTP archive site, and an email server.

Signup Process: Dialup Accounts: Customer receives and completes agreement form and sends in with payment. You are sent appropriate login and password information in a format appropriate for your system/software configuration, email account name, and local POP phone number.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: $25 off our normal $50 startup fee!

Area: West Coast

20 Minor Court
San Rafael, CA 94903
Voice: 415-472-1600
Fax : 415-472-2461

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: San Rafael, Nicasio, and Rohnert Park, CA

Area Codes: 415, 707

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, hourly dialup at 14.4, full-time dialup at 14.4, full-time dialup at 28.8, 56K to T-1 ADN and Frame Relay (9.6K to full CIR available), 28.8 dialup and ISDN available soon

Server Addresses:,


14.4 Kbps part-time dialup: $50 startup, $1/hour ($20 minimum)
14.4 Kbps full-time dialup: $300 startup, $85/month
28.8 Kbps full-time dialup: $650 startup, $155/month
14.4 Kbps Centrex dialup: $370 startup, $100/month
28.8 Kbps Centrex dialup: $720 startup, $170/month
56 Kbps ADN leased line: $900 startup, $300/month
56-384 Kbps Frame Relay leased line: $150 startup, $285-$610/month
Partial/full T-1 leased line: $1,000 startup, $800/month
128 Kbps Frame Relay leased line: $150 startup, $425/month
UUCP (billed quarterly) dialup: $30 startup, $10/month

Other rates by agreement


Description: zNET provides value-priced Internet access and services throughout the general San Francisco bay area, including PPP dialup or dedicated port access to 28.8 v.34 modems, POP mail accounts, Usenet and commercial news, custom domain name registrations, with voice and email support. We also provide complete World Wide Web services.

Signup Process: Email to, fax 619-755-8149, or phone 619-755-7772 for zNET application. Application sent back by email autoreply, fax, or U.S. mail. Same-day account activation upon receipt of completed application via email or fax. Accounts can be activated same day by voice phone to 619-755-7772 and application returned to us by U.S. mail. Subscribers receive "Quickstart" instructions via email or fax. Our optional zNET "Starter Kit," including a copy of the Internet Starter Kit book and our zNET Configuration Guide, is sent by U.S. mail (postage included). Overnight available by request.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: Two weeks free trial period!

Area: West Coast

504 Vandell Way, Building A
Campbell, CA 95008
Voice: 408-378-9800
Fax: 619-755-8149

Email Addresses (human response):,
Email Addresses (automated response):,

Cities with Access Numbers: San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Milpitas, and Oakland, CA

Services Offered: PPP/SLIP, POP mail

Server Addresses:,


Basic Account: $20/month, $25 setup SLIP/PPP, POP mail, news, 100 hours/month, limited support, plus our zNET Configuration guidebook for DOS/Windows or Macintosh

Premium Account: Flat rate $40/month, $50 setup SLIP/PPP, POP mail, news; includes a custom domain name, the Internet Starter Kit book with TCP/IP software, plus our zNET Configuration guidebook for DOS/Windows or Macintosh

Full-Time Connection: Starting at $80, custom setup 24-hour dedicated connection to a 28.8 modem, SLIP/PPP access, POP mail account, news, plus our zNET Configuration guidebook for DOS/Windows or Macintosh

Custom Domain Name Registration: $25 setup, $10/month (included in the Premium Account)

EarthLink Network, Inc.

Description: EarthLink Network is the Los Angeles area's favorite Internet provider. We provide provide simple, local, direct access to the worldwide Internet for the greater Los Angeles area. Our technical support is free and friendly, and we help you make the most of your Internet connection. That's why our subscriber list is a virtual Who's Who of the Los Angeles community.

Signup Process: To sign up for EarthLink Network, just call our sales department at 213-644-9500. Be sure to mention you have Internet Starter Kit for Windows, Second Edition. They will get your account set up. You will be faxed a complete configuration checklist with all the information you need to set up your software and get net surfing.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: The $49.95 setup fee is waived!

Area: West Coast

3171 Los Feliz Blvd., Suite 203
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Voice: 213-644-9500
Fax: 213-644-9510

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Greater Los Angeles area, CA

Area Codes: 213, 818, 310, 714, 805, 909

Services Offered: SLIP/PPP, 56K, T-1, Web servers

Server Addresses:,


Basic SLIP/PPP: $49.95 setup (waived for Starter Kit owners); $9.95 per month + $1.95 per hour

Extended SLIP/PPP: $49.95 setup (waived for Starter Kit owners); $29.95 per month, includes 30 hours + $1.95 per hour over 30

PowerUser SLIP/PPP: $49.95 setup (waived for Starter Kit owners); $49.95 per month, includes 300 hours + $1.95 per hour over 300

Leonardo Internet

Description: Leonardo Internet provides services to the Internet community including programming, consulting, and especially Internet access. We also offer Web site support and disk space rental.

Signup Process: Call, fax, or email to get an account.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: Starter Kit Special: flat-rate PPP account with the following rates: $20 to sign up, plus $22/month (billed in advance on a quarterly basis). You can use this account for as many hours as you want each month. We also have set up instruction sheets geared to users of the Internet Starter Kit (Mac or Windows), and we have friendly and knowledgeable technical support people who will help you if you're new to the Internet.

Area: West Coast

927 6th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Voice: 310-395-5500
Fax: 310-395-9924

Email Address (human response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Venice, Manhattan Beach, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Glendale, Pasadena, Commerce, Burbank, and Woodland Hills, CA

Area Codes: 310, 213, 818

Services Offered: PPP, Shell

Server Addresses:


PPP Basic:: $17.50 per month, 20 hours, additional hours $1; $50 startup

PPP Unlimited: $29.50 per month, unlimited usage, 2 hours on/off; $50 startup

Shell Account: $10 per month, unlimited usage; $20 startup

Disk (Web) Space: $1/megabyte with account

Great Basin Internet Services, Inc.

Description: Dialup and permanent connections to the Internet at speeds ranging from 14.4 Kbps to T-1 (1.545 Mbps).

Signup Process: Decide on a hostname and a local area city. We place SLIP and PPP accounts in the domains. For example, someone in Sparks might pick: Decide whether you want SLIP or PPP. That's about it!

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: We'll waive the startup fee!

Area: West

1155 W Fourth St. Ste. 225
P.O. Box 6209
Reno NV 89511-6209
Voice: 702-348-7299
Fax: 702-348-9412

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Minden, Gardnerville, Dayton, Virginia Ciry, and Incline Village, NV

Area Codes: 702, 916

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, Shell

Server Addresses:,, gopher://, News:


14.4 Kbps: $20 startup; $20/month flat rate

28.8 Kbps: $40 startup; $25/month flat rate

Email only: $5/month

There are never any connect time charges

Other speeds available: Call or check our WWW page

Illuminati Online

Description: Illuminati Online provides a full range of Internet services, including all the usual ones (mail, news, FTP, Telnet, Archie, Gopher, chat, World Wide Web, a ton of games, etc.) and some uncommon ones as well, like the Metaverse, our interactive multiplayer virtual reality system. Mail, news, Web, and recreations all run on their own separate machines for fastest service. We encourage our customers to create their own personal Web pages at no charge. We also provide an interactive home page builder so you can have a Web site of your own even if you don't know anything about HTML. Equally important, we provide a full range of friendly help and support for our users. We're there, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer your questions and help you get the most out of the Internet.

Signup Process: Set your terminal software to 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and VT100 emulation. Dial 512-448-8950. Log in as "new"; no password is required. Answer the questions in the signup dialog. Indicate whether you want to pay by check or credit card (Visa, MC, American Express, or Discover). When the computer asks who referred you to Illuminati Online, put down "TISK." Make a note of the local dialup number for your city.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: The first two weeks are free for all accounts, and new customers can sign up for SLIP/PPP accounts for only $25, a 50% savings!

Area: Southwest

P.O. Box 18957
Austin, TX 78760
Voice: 512-462-0999
Fax: 512-447-1144

Email Address (human response): Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, TX

Area Codes: 512, 713, 210

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, BBS-style menu Shell, and Unix Shell

Server Addresses:,, Mail:, News:, Name Server: (


$15/month for 30 hours of connection time (additional time is 50 cents/hour)

$28/month for 80 hours of connection time (additional time is 30 cents/hour)

There is a one-time $50 setup fee for SLIP and PPP accounts. SLIP/PPP accounts include Unix Shell service at no extra charge.

$10/month for a "Telnet" account. If you have access to the Internet, but have restricted services available, we can give you a "second home" on the net with unlimited services. We have over 700 customers from all over the world using this option. Just telnet to and log in as "new."

All accounts include 5 MB of personal data storage. Additional disk space is 2 cents/MB/day based on actual usage, or $2/5 MB/month if purchased in advance.

Additional mailboxes for the any account are $5 each. This lets several members of a household or business share an account and still have private mailboxes.

Rates given as of 2/95. Send email to for updated info. Send email to for rates for ISDN, dedicated lines, and other services, and for information about volume and term discounts.

"Illuminati" and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. "Illuminati Online" and the all-seeing pyramid are used as service marks by IOCOM Ltd. with the permission of Steve Jackson Games.

Red River Net

Description: Red River Net offers affordable and reliable Internet access.

Signup Process: Call for ordering information.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: Free setup for Starter Kit owners -- a $30 value!

Area: Midwest

P.O. Box 388
Fargo, ND 58107
Voice: 701-232-2227
Fax: 701-232-2910

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Fargo, ND, and Sioux Falls, SD.

Area Codes: 701, 605

Services Offered: SLIP, Shell, news

Server Addresses:


$30 one-time setup; $25 a month for service

20% off for six or more months of service paid in advance

InterAccess Co.

Description: InterAccess' mission is to provide Chicagoland with high-quality Internet connections. Our commitment to top-notch customer service makes the Internet an invaluable tool in meeting your personal and organizational needs.

Signup Process: Typically you log in to our dialup number, 708-671-0237, login: guest, with a standard comm program and fill out an application online. Someone calls to establish authenticity, you get mailed a started package, and you're on. A few fax or mail applications.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: The installation fee is waived!

Area: Midwest

3345 Commercial Ave.
Northbrook, IL 60062
Voice: 708-498-2542
Fax: 708-498-3289

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Chicagoland metropolitan area, including Chicago, Northbrook, Tinley Park, Wheaton, Schiller Park, and Hoffman Estates, IL

Area Codes: 708, 312, part of 815

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, Shell, leased lines

Server Addresses:,, gopher://, telnet:// (login: guest)


Business and Personal Accounts for single users:

Flat-rate monthly: SLIP/PPP/Plug n' Play, $30/month, $28/month for credit card payers

Timed monthly: SLIP/PPP/Plug n' Play, $10/month including 5 hours, additional hours at $2.30/hour

Flat-rate quarterly: SLIP/PPP/Plug n' Play, $73/qtr

Flat-rate yearly: SLIP/PPP/Plug n' Play, $260/yr

Plug n' Play Installation Fee: $15


Description: MCSNet is Chicagoland's largest independant full-service Internet provider; we provide access to the Internet for individuals and business entities from dialup to full T-1.

Signup Process: Customer calls and we fax or send signup paperwork. Customer returns information with payment or credit card info (fax ok) and account is set up within 2-3 business days. Technical support contacts all new accounts to confirm setup.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: One free month with proof of ownership if you take a three-month Subscriber or PACKRat account.

Area: Midwest

1300 W. Belmont, Suite 405
Chicago, IL 60657
Voice: 312-248-8649
Fax: 312-248-9865

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Greater Chicagoland, IL

Area Codes: 312, 708, 815

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, Shell, remote

Server Addresses:, (anonymous)


ELINK (email/Usenet/Shell, no Internet): $30/6 months

LV Subscriber (Shell/email/Usenet/Internet): $10/month or $30/3 months, 10 hours/month + $1/hour beyond 10 hours

Subscriber (Shell/email/Usenet/Internet): $25/month or $60/3 months, untimed

LV PACKRat: $10/month or $30/3 months, 10 hours/month + $1/hour beyond 10 hours

PACKRat: $30/month or $65/3 months, up to 200 hours a month

WorldWide Access

Description: WorldWide Access is a full-service Internet provider. We offer all individual account types, including full support for MS Windows and Macintosh users in addition to leased-line and ISDN Internet access. WorldWide Access specializes in providing a presence on the World Wide Web for advertising your company's products or services.

Signup Process: The customer logs into one of our dialup sites and types "guest" at the login prompt. A menu is presented from which the customer may view or download our information in addition to being able to create an account online.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: WorldWide Access will offer one free month of service!

Area: Midwest

23 Southfield Drive
Vernon Hills, IL 60061
Voice: 708-367-1870
Fax: 708-367-1872

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Chicago area

Area Codes: 312, 708, 815, 414

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, Shell, everything

Server Addresses:,, News:


Rates for individual accounts ranges from $10/month to $25/month.

There are no startup fees for individual accounts. Most account types are unlimited time, fixed-rate accounts.

IQuest Network Services

Description: IQuest Network Services provides any type of connection to the Internet from a dialup terminal account to a T-1. In order to provide the fastest connection to the Internet for our customers, we currently have two T-3s to the backbone of the Internet.

Signup Process: If you call the 800 number by 3:00 we will ask some questions, and the account will be active by 8:00 p.m. that evening.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: The first 15 hours of service are free!

Area: Midwest

2035 East 46th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46205
Voice: 800-844-UNIX(8649)
Fax: 317-259-7289

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Indianapolis, Anderson, Muncie, Lafayette, Kokomo, Bloomington, and Terre Haute, IN; Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH

Area Codes: 317, 312, 708, 614, 812

Services Offered: Shell, SLIP, PPP, UUCP, dedicated 14.4, 28.8, 56K and T-1s, as well as Web server space rental.

Server Addresses:


Dialup Menu-Driven Internet:
14.4 Access: $10 per month for 120 hours
28.8 Access: $15 per month for 120 hours

Dialup SLIP/PPP Access:
14.4 Access: $15 per month for 120 hours
28.8 Access: $20 per month for 120 hours

Exchange Network Services, Inc.

Description: ExchangeNet provides full Internet access to individuals and small businesses in the Cleveland (216) area. We beat our competitors on excelling with three main ideas: cost practicality, locality (i.e. we are local, not national) with tech support, and high quality (i.e. fast, not very busy, etc.) Internet service.

Signup Process: Two ways:

1. FAX: Email or request materials via fax from phone support. Fill them out, FAX them in with credit card information. No delay setup.

2. U.S. Mail: Email or request materials via fax or request materials via U.S. Mail. Fill them out, U.S. Mail them in with check or credit card information.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: SLIP/PPP or Unix Shell: Special $20 startup fee!

Area: Midwest

25931 Euclid Ave. #145
Euclid, OH 44132
Voice: 216-261-4593
Fax: 216-261-2236

Email Address (human response):, Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Cleveland, OH

Area Codes: 216

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, Shell, etc.

Server Addresses:,, gopher://


SLIP/PPP: $40 startup fee; $30 per month for 30 hours; $1/hour for each additional hour

Unix Shell: $25 startup fee; $20 per month (flat fee)

Digital Express Group, Inc.

Description: Digital Express Group is an East Coast Internet access provider which supplies a variety of services, including dialup Shell, SLIP, PPP, full-time PPP, leased line, and private domain.

Signup Process: Call our office or send us email; we will mail/fax an application. Or you can sign up online (call for details).

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: One month free service!

Area: East Coast

6006 Greenbelt Road
Suite 228
Greenbelt, MD 20770
Voice: 800-969-9090, 301-220-2020
Fax: 301-220-0477

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, Frederick, Easton, Waldorf, Gaithersburg, Hartford, and Crofton/Annapolis, MD; Woodbridge, VA; Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, DE; Atlantic City, New Brunswick, and Lindherst, NJ; New York City, NY

Area Codes: 201, 202, 212, 301, 302, 410, 609, 908

Services Offered: SLIP/PPP, Shell, leased line, servers

Server Addresses:


One-time setup for Shell, SLIP, PPP: $20

Shell: $25 for 6 hours a day

SLIP/PPP: $35 for 6 hours a day

I-2000, Inc.

Description: Dialup; dedicated dialup; leased lines 56K to T-1; WWW display and development.

Signup Process: MasterCard, Visa, or check. Fax, email, telephone, fill out form online from any access number with login: info, password: newuser or on Web site.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: Starter Kit plus one month service and setup: $59.95! One week trial period!

Area: East Coast

416 Main Street
Metuchen, NJ 08840
Voice: 516-867-6379 or 908-906-0197
Fax: 908-906-2396

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: New York City, Long Island City, Farmingdale, Mineola, Babylon, Selden, Bayside, White Plains, and Riverhead, NY; Stamford, CT; Elizabeth and Hackensack, NJ

Area Codes: 516, 914, 718, 212, 203, 908, 201

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, Web display and development

Server Addresses:


Dialup: $20 setup, $30 monthly

Dedicated Dial: $750 setup, $160 monthly

56K: $1,200 setup, $400 monthly

128K: $3,000 setup, $850 monthly

T-1: $6,000 setup, $1,000 monthly

The Internet Access Company, Inc. (T.I.A.C., Inc.)

Description: The Internet Access Company, Inc. (TIAC) was founded in June, 1993, with the charter to provide Internet access with unparalleled support to our subscribers. TIAC offers full Internet access via Unix Shell or SLIP/PPP dialup accounts, as well as via Analog, Digital, and ISDN-based leased line accounts. For more information, call TIAC at 617-276-7200, or email us at TIAC's "Fourteen-Day Trial Period" is your no-risk guarantee.

Signup Process: Call TIAC at 617-276-7200 and speak to a sales representative. Learn how to download our Windows-based installer -- get online within hours!

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: Mention this promotion and receive $20 off of your second month of TIAC services!

Area: Northeast

P.O. Box 1098
175 The Great Road
Bedford, MA 01730
Voice: 617-276-7200
Fax: 617-275-2224

Email Addresses (human response):,
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Bedford, Lowell, Vineyard Haven, Worcester, Littleton, and Kingston, MA; Hartford, CT. These are increasing monthly.

Area Codes: 617, 508, 203

Services Offered: Shell, PPP/SLIP, ISDN, 56K

Server Addresses:,


UNIX Shell accounts:
$19.50 per month; One-time $20 activation fee

SLIP or PPP accounts:
up to 40 hours for $29 per month
up to 300 hours for $49 per month
One-time $20 activation fee

Dedicated (14.4) lines:
$115 per month, one-time $20 activation fee
$79 per month, requires a $300 one-time prepayment

56K baud Digital Data Path Leased Lines:
$495 per month, requires a $1,200 prepayment

ISDN 128K baud Dual "B Channel" Leased Lines:
$595 per month, requires a $2,900 prepayment

MindSpring Enterprises, Inc.

Description: MindSpring is committed to providing the best Internet access service anywhere. We provide the tools and assistance needed to make the Internet an enjoyable and useful resource for both experienced net users and newcomers.

Signup Process: Call 404-888-0725 to sign up over the phone. Or, send email to to receive signup form via email.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: $10 off the $35 startup fee!

Area: Southeast

430 10th Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30318-5768
Voice: 404-888-0725
Fax: 404-888-9210

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Atlanta, GA; Columbus, GA; Birmingham, AL; West Point/Lagrange, GA; Lanett, AL; Newnan, Auburn/Opelika, AL

Area Codes: 404, portions of 706 and 205

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, limited Shell

Server Addresses:,, gopher://


Dialup plans (PPP connections, include 3 MB on our server for Web pages and FTP, up to 28.8 Kbps access, Usenet and ClariNet news, email, Telnet, Gopher, Archie, FTP, chat, talk, Ping, etc.):

Standard: $35 startup fee; $15 per month for 15 hours; $1 per hour over 15

Flat rate: $35 startup fee; $35 per month for unlimited use (not meant to be a full-time connection)

Also available: Dedicated 14.4 Kbps and 28.8 Kbps connections; ISDN; T1; UUCP; domain name registration and routing; Web page hosting; Windows and Mac versions of the graphical front-end

Florida Online

Description: Full-service Internet provider. Dialup lines all 28.8 (v.34 USR) serving the Central Florida with local access. Full-service commercial WWW server online. Full Usenet news feed to all accounts. UUCP accounts for business and BBSs. Leased lines available nationwide via our Frame Relay Network. ISDN, 56K, FT-1, and T-1 lines are available.

Signup Process: All signups are via the telephone, toll-free local 407-635-8888 or 800-676-2599, seven days a week. All major credit cards accepted.

Trial account (text-based): 407-633-4710, login as "new" with password "newuser"

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: Free first month of a three-month or longer account!

Area: Southeast

3815 N. US 1
Suite 59
Cocoa, FL 32926
Voice: 407-635-8888 or 800-676-2599
Fax: 407-635-9050

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Cocoa and Orlando, FL

Area Codes: 407

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, CSLIP, Unix Shell, menu, leased lines

Server Addresses:,


Dialup accounts:
$20 per month, PPP/SLIP include 50 hours (includes free preconfigured software).
Menu account (no time limit).
No setup fee on dialup accounts.

Dedicated async lines (includes a 28.8 modem on our end):
$140 per month, $200 startup fee.
Domain name and subnetting your net is free.

LavaNet, Inc.

Description: LavaNet offers high-quality service for individual users in the state of Hawaii. Novice users will appreciate our easy-to-use dialup direct (SLIP/PPP) accounts. Experienced users may also want a traditional Unix Shell account at no extra monthly cost. We have extensive experience providing support for both kinds of accounts, and special expertise in helping Internet Starter Kit users. Our accounts can be billed on a flat-rate or timed basis. LavaNet also hosts WWW pages for businesses and individuals.

Signup Process: Customers receive our startup kit either through the mail or by picking it up at our office in downtown Honolulu. Customers must then return a signed copy of the User Agreement (via mail, fax, or hand delivery), at which point the customer's account is activated.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: Call us at 545-5282 to arrange a special trial account. Pay only a $15 startup fee ($20 for combination accounts), and connect to LavaNet for a two-week trial of our flat-rate account! Trial offer good for O'ahu residents only.

Area: Hawaii

733 Bishop St.
Suite 1590
Honolulu, HI 96813
Voice: 808-545-LAVA (i.e. 545-5282)
Technical Support: 808-545-7205
Fax: 808-545-7020

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Island of Oahu (Honolulu and more)

Area Codes: 808 (Oahu only)

Services Offered: PPP, Shell, Web page hosting

Server Addresses:,


For Shell account or SLIP/PPP account: $30 startup fee

For combination Shell and SLIP/PPP account: $35 startup fee

Flat-rate plan (any account type): $28/month for virtually unlimited access

Timed-rate plan (any account type): $14/month for 10 hours of access, beyond that $2/hour.

Hawaii OnLine

Description: Hawaii OnLine is Hawaii's largest online information provider with coverage on every major Hawaiian Island. Hawaii OnLine provides complete Internet solutions from individual account access to business LAN integration and World Wide Web publishing services. All Island access numbers support access speeds of up to 28,800 baud. ISDN services are available on Oahu.

Signup Process: From a standard terminal program, dial any Hawaii OnLine local access number: Oahu 533-7113, Maui 244-8133, Kauai 245-6115, Hawaii 935-7878. Login as "guest" -- a password is not required. From the Guest Menu, select #8: "Sign-up for Access Now!" The system will prompt you for all information. If you select Credit Card Billing, your account will be activated immediately. If you have questions, please call our in-state Hotline at 800-207-1880.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: $15 off the normal startup fee! (During the signup process, use the ad code of "Hayden.")

Area: Hawaii

737 Bishop Street
Suite 2305
Honolulu, HI
Voice: 808-533-6981, 808-246-1880
Fax: 808-534-0089

Email Addresses (human response): (primary), (secondary)
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Island-wide coverage -- Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii, Molokai. Lanai 2nd quarter 1995.

Area Codes: 808

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, menu Shell

Server Addresses:,


Standard Plan:
Menu Shell, BBS, and SLIP or PPP access
Rate: $25 per month, $22.50 with Auto Credit Card Billing
Access Hours: 40 hours peak time usage per month, nonpeak 12 a.m. - 10 a.m. free
Overtime Rates: $.75 per hour
Startup Fee: $40

Premium Plan:
Menu Shell, BBS, and SLIP or PPP access
Rate: $45 per month, $42.50 with Auto Credit Card Billing
Access Hours: Unlimited
Startup Fee: $40

Global Enterprise Services, Inc.

Description: Global Enterprise Services, Inc. (GES) is a full-service Internet services provider offering dialup and dedicated connectivity, online information services including Web, Gopher, FTP sites, and electronic commerce. GES also offers consultation services and network and router training programs as a licensed Cisco training partner and seminars on a variety of Internet-related topics. GES provides a turnkey solution to all of our users' Internetwoking needs. GES owns and operates the JvNCnet, one of the original networks of the National Science Foundation network (NSFnet). GES has over nine years of Internet network providing experience for research, academic, government, and commercial enterprises. GES is also a member of the Commercial Internet Exchange.

Signup Process: Call in, provide us with your system specifications and a credit card, and you'll be ready to go.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: 20 free hours per month, $2.50 per hour for each hour in excess of 20!

Area: Nationwide

3 Independence Way
Princeton, NJ 08540
Voice: 800-35-TIGER or 609-897-7300
Fax: 609-897-7310

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Providence, RI; Hartford and Bridgeport CT; New York City and Garden City, NY; Newark, New Brunswick and Princeton, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; Hayward, CA; San Juan, PR; 800 numbers nationally

Area Codes: 800, 401, 203-541, 203-338, 201, 908, 609, 212, 516, 215, 202, 708, 510, 809

Services Offered: SLIP, PPP addition scheduled for 4/95, Unix storage available

Server Addresses:, or, gopher://


Call 1-800-35-TIGER for the most up-to-date pricing and services.

Dialup for individuals, Personal Internet Access (PIA):
$29 startup, $29 per month, 30 days unlimited access
Variable and fixed pricing options are available
Speeds include: 14.4, 28.8, and ISDN

Small LANs can connect via a service known as On Demand LAN

Dedicated connectivity speeds range from 56 Kbps through 45 Mbps. We offer a complete installation and pricing program to meet the needs of each of our clients. Please call for the latest information.

Internet Express

Description: Internet Express offers high-performance Internet service for educational, personal, and commercial applications. The service is available through local lines, a national 800 service, and/or dedicated lines. Internet Express offers full Internet services including SLIP, Shell, and UUCP accounts. Included are Usenet services, IRC, Telnet, Gopher, email, World Wide Web services, and ClariNet newsfeeds.

Signup Process: The following signup methods are available:

1) Call customer service at 1-800-592-1240

2) Telnet to Log in as "wired"; password "newsuser"

3) Call any local node. Log in as "wired"; password "newuser"

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: IEX will waive the signup fee! IEX will offer 5 free hours. (These free hours do not include 800 service. If 800 service is used, the surcharges will still apply.)

Area: Nationwide

1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Voice: 800-592-1240 or 719-592-1240
Fax : 719-592-1201

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: All via 800 numbers in U.S., including Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. Virgin Islands. Local service includes Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, and Pueblo, CO

Area Codes: All area codes. Locally 719, 303, 602, 2006

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, Shell, UUCP, dedicated

Server Addresses:,, gopher://, telnet://


Basic Dialup: $29.95 setup, $11.95/month, 4 hours/month, $2.75/additional hour
Basic SLIP: $59.95 setup, $11.95/month, 4 hours/month, $2.75/additional hour
Basic UUCP: $59.95 setup, $11.95/month, 4 hours/month, $2.75/additional hour

Power Dialup: $29.95 setup, $29.95/month, 20 hours/month, $1.25/additional hour
Power SLIP: $59.95 setup, $29.95/month, 20 hours/month, $1.25/additional hour
Power UUCP: $59.95 setup, $29.95/month, 20 hours/month, $1.25/additional hour

For all the above rates, there is an 800# surcharge of $5.95/hour, and a maximum charge of $250/month. This maximum includes only charges for additional hours, and does not include 800 service. All usage fees are rounded off in one-minute increments.

Hourly Dialup: $29.95
Hourly SLIP: $59.95
Hourly UUCP: $59.95

On Hourly rates, there is no monthly fee and no 800# surcharge. Minimum billing is $8.95/month

For dedicated rates, please write to

The Portal Information Network

Description: The Portal Information Network is a leading provider of nationwide, interactive network services, focused on offering dialup Internet access and customized networks to a broad range of markets via strategic partnerships. Portal provides a wide range of Internet connectivity solutions, including PPP, SLIP, UUCP, Unix Shell, and the menu-based Portal Online System. All these services are available nationwide through SprintNet, CPN, our California modem pools, and the Internet.

Signup Process: Completely and fax (or mail) the form in the back of the book.

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: We'll waive the signup fee and give you a $15 credit!

Area: Nationwide & Canada

20863 Stevens Creek Boulevard
Suite 200
Cupertino, CA 95014
Voice: 408-973-9111
Fax: 408-725-1580

Email Address (human response):
Email Address (automated response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Over 1,100 POPs in the U.S. and Canada

Area Codes: All

Services Offered: PPP/SLIP, Unix Shell (you can place your own WWW page in your home directory), UUCP

Server Addresses:,


Portal IP Connection: $19.95 startup; $19.95 per month

3 ways to connect:
$.95/hour: Portal S.F. Bay Area POPs
$2.50/hour: SprintNet offpeak hours
$9.50/hour: SprintNet peak hours
$2.95/hour: CPN

EUnet GB Limited

Description: EUnet offers commercial access to its own European network with no reliance on other backbones. Support and 24-hour uptime guarantees as well the the experience of an Internet access provider that has been around since 1982 are insurance that customers will experience a trouble-free, fault-tolerant connection.

Signup Process: Contact EUnet GB sales (

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: 50 pound startup fee waived!

Area: Europe

Wilson House
John Wilson Business Park
Whitstable Kent CT5 3QY
Voice: +44 227 266466
Fax: +44 227 266477

Email Address (human response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bracknell, Cambridge, Canterbury, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Newcastle

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, X25

Server Addresses:,


185 pounds per annum

SpaceNet GmbH

Description: We provide reliable and fast Internet access, and we try to give to our customers the support that they will need. Our basic fees include hotline via phone, fax and mail. Additionally our customers can place data on our servers to be 24 hours online without a leased line.

Signup Process: Get our info material from*.ps, fill it out and return it via fax or snail mail. You will hear from us the next day (worst case).

Promotion for Starter Kit Owners: We'll waive the starting fee of 90 DM! Additionally, every Starter Kit user will get free access for the first month. So you can try SpaceNet without any fees at all.

Area: Germany

Frankfurter Ring 193a
D-80807 Muenchen
Voice: +49 89 324683-0
Fax: +49 89 324683-51

Email Address (human response):

Cities with Access Numbers: Munich, Germany

Area Codes: +49 south

Services Offered: PPP, SLIP, leased line, UUCP

Server Addresses:,


Startup fee: 90 DM

Monthly fees (we charge volume, there is no limit or fee on online time):

Normal: 55 DM, get 3 MB for free, every additional MB is 7,80 DM. Office: 290 DM, get 40 MB for free, every additional MB is 5,50 DM. Office II: 800 DM, get 150 MB for free, every additional MB is 4,50 DM. Above 300 MB: Ask!

No additional charge on Usenet news, no additional fees for ISDN, no additional charge for high-speed modems (we use Telebit FastBlazer, V.34).