Part IV


I certainly hope you have enough of a life that you don't pore through the following appendixes in great detail, absorbing every molecule of information. I don't intend you to do that; instead, I recommend that you flip through them more or less at random until you see a section that looks interesting. The appendixes mostly are straight lists of information. Although you may want to explore certain sections in detail, I included them as pointers, or launch pads, to get you started.

Appendix A: Getting Connected

Appendix A, "Getting Connected," first talks about how you should go about comparing Internet service providers and choosing the right one for your needs and budget. The process is often a bit more deceptive than you might think, so read through carefully before deciding on a provider. The second part of the appendix walks you through the installation of the software on the disk cleverly glued to the back cover in such a way that it's really hard to get out of the plastic pocket.

Appendix B: Internet Starter Kit Providers

Appendix B, "Internet Starter Kit Providers," is a list of Internet service providers who have agreed to provide us with information (and you with a special deal of one sort or another) such that we could create custom installation options for them. Every provider in this section has an installation option on the disk that should make connecting to the Internet easier than working with another provider to figure out all of the details that we've built into the installer.

Appendix C: Providers of Commercial Internet Access

Appendix C, " Providers of Commercial Internet Access" (POCIA), lists Internet service providers from all around the world, organized by area code (for the U.S.) and country (for the rest of the world). If you decide not to work with one of the Internet service providers listed in appendix B, "Internet Starter Kit Providers," for whatever reason, you should be able to find an appropriate provider in the POCIA list. Phone numbers and email addresses (if you already have an account on CompuServe, say) are listed so you can easily contact the providers to request more information about their rates and services. This list has been compiled and maintained by Celestin Company, and thanks are due for allowing me to include it here.

Appendix D: Glossary

Appendix D provides you with a list of common Internet terms and their definitions. If you're ever troubled by a vocabulary question -- at least, one regarding the Internet -- check here.

Appendix A, "Getting Connected"
Appendix B, "Internet Starter Kit Providers"
Appendix C, "Internet Service Providers"
Appendix D, "Glossary"