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Submit Ideas for the 2009 TidBITS Gift Guide

We're gearing up to produce the TidBITS Gift Guide for 2009, and we need your suggestions for the gifts that you plan to give or want to receive this year.Show full article

Free Wi-Fi Abounds with Holiday Sponsorships

Why pay for Wi-Fi when eBay, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo want you to use typically for-fee hotspots in exchange for nothing but your eyeballs? Holiday sponsorships are bringing free service to airports, airplanes, and elsewhere.Show full article

New Ebooks about the iPhone and iPod touch

Solve iPhone mysteries and learn clever tricks with a pair of new Take Control ebooks written by Jeff Carlson and Ted Landau.Show full article

HD Radio Comes to iPhone via Adapter

Radio Shack might have the weirdest iPhone adapter to date: the Gigaware In-line Control pumps digital FM into an iPhone. With streaming Internet radio and podcasts, why spend the $79?Show full article

DealBITS Discount: Save 30% on Labels & Addresses

See who won copies of Labels & Addresses 1.3.3 in last week's DealBITS drawing, and if you're not among them, read on to save 30 percent.Show full article

Fix 10.6.2's Broken Slide Show Screen Saver

Mac OS 10.6.2 made a small change to the Slide Show screen saver that displays images from folders and from iPhoto, causing it to hang when pointed at large folders or iPhoto collections.Show full article

Catch a Google Wave with Waveboard

If you're one of the lucky few with access to Google Wave, the Macintosh application Waveboard will make Google Wave easier to access and use.Show full article

WikiReader Puts Wikipedia in Your Pocket

Sure, it won't replace an iPhone or other PDA, but if all you want is a portable encyclopedia, the new WikiReader is cheap, cute, and chock full of Wikipedia.Show full article

A Finder-Copying Bug in Snow Leopard

Certain files can't be copied from one computer to another via File Sharing in Snow Leopard. Details are given, so you can confirm the bug for yourself.Show full article

Put More Pixels on Your Desktop with ViBook+

The new ViBook+ enables you to add a large - 24- to 28-inch - monitor to any Mac via USB. Though it still lacks 3D acceleration and isn't the fastest graphics adapter you'll find, it's well worth it for connecting an additional display to a MacBook or MacBook Pro in particular.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 16 November 2009

Notable software releases this week include Safari 4.0.4, Yojimbo 2.1, Wireless Keyboard Update 2.0, Freedom 0.5.1, Default Folder X 4.3.3, Microsoft Office 2008 12.2.3 Update, and Firefox 3.5.5.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 16 November 2009

We were busy publishing "Take Control of Your iPhone Apps" (note Jeff's MacVoices interview) and "Take Control of iPhone OS 3" this week, so we didn't have much time for Web surfing, but the articles that jumped out at us this week revolved around the iPhone worm that can infect careless jailbreakers and the latest App Store rejection horror stories.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk for 16 November 2009

This week's TidBITS Talk discussions cover several new topics. On the troubleshooting front, readers diagnose why Microsoft AutoUpdate is repeatedly pushing a conversion utility, why Magic Mouse tracking isn't as good when connected to a Mac Pro, and whether something is wrong with an iMac's FireWire bus. Suggestions are also offered for building a Mac help desk for a school, previewing photos on a virtual wall, and obtaining early versions of the Mac OS. We also look at the end of the Apple v. Psystar case and the ongoing costs of using Macs in the office versus Windows PCs.Show full article

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