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Improve Apple Services with AirPort Base Stations

You can make iChat file transfers, iDisk, and Back to My Mac work better by turning on a setting with Apple AirPort base stations released starting in 2003. Launch AirPort Utility, select your base station, click Manual Setup, choose the Internet view, and click the NAT tab. Check the Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAT-PMP) box, and click Update. NAT-PMP lets your Mac OS X computer give Apple information to connect back into a network that's otherwise unreachable from the rest of the Internet. This speeds updates and makes connections work better for services run by Apple.

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Virgin Mobile Offers MiFi Mobile Hotspot without Contract

Virgin Mobile now offers the portable MiFi mobile hotspot that takes a cellular network and distributes it over Wi-Fi to nearby devices. There's no contract nor service plan required; rather, you pay as you need it.Show full article

Read at Multiple Angles with the iPad Recliner

If you're looking for an iPad stand that holds your iPad at various different angles, the iPad Recliner from LapWorks offers a solid and flexible solution, though it's not as attractive as other iPad stands.Show full article

Princeton Tests Kindle DX - Could the iPad Do Better?

Princeton University recently investigated the effect of replacing traditional course printouts with individual student Kindles. The study results indicate widespread adoption of e-readers among students could significantly lower printing costs and waste for the university, though the iPad might be a better candidate for the job.Show full article

How Not to Buy a Digital Camera

Many publications review digital cameras but they don't tell you as much as they seem to. Charles Maurer explains the problems with these reviews and suggests a different approach to buying cameras.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 12 July 2010

Notable software releases this week include BusyCal 1.3.2 and PDFpen/PDFpenPro 4.7.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 12 July 2010

It was a blessedly slow week for serious news, but a few items jumped out at us. Consumer Reports dinged the iPhone 4 on its antenna design, Apple finally acknowledged problems with certain Time Capsules, AT&T explained why iPhone 4 users in some cities were seeing slow upload speeds, Apple started a beta for a new version of MobileMe Calendar, Sony dropped prices on its ebook readers, and the New York Times warned that rising labor and currency costs may result in higher electronics prices.Show full article

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