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Find Text Leading from Acrobat PDF

Ever have to recreate a document from an Acrobat PDF? You can find out most everything about the text by using the Object Inspector, except the leading. Well, here's a cheesy way to figure it out. Open the PDF in Illustrator (you just need one page). Release any and all clipping masks. Draw a guide at the baseline of the first line of text, and one on the line below. Now, Option-drag the first line to make a copy, and position it exactly next to the original first line at baseline. Then put a return anywhere in the copied line. Now adjust leading of the copied lines, so that the second line of copy rests on the baseline of the second line of the original. Now you know your leading.

Or you could buy expensive software to find the leading. Your choice.

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Take Control Sale: 50% Off to Celebrate Account Management

To celebrate the opening of our new Take Control account management system, we're having a 50-percent-off sale on all ebooks through 3 August 2010. It's a great opportunity to stock up on all sorts of helpful titles about the Mac and iPad.Show full article

Skype 2.0.1 Brings Background Calls to iOS

Skype 2.0.1 for iOS brings background call continuation, notification of incoming calls when Skype isn't the foreground app, and higher call quality. Skype also reversed a previous announcement, and will not charges for calls placed over 3G.Show full article

iBooks 1.1.2 Adds Image Zooming, Fixes PDF Link Bug

iBooks 1.1.1 fixes one glaring error and adds a few minor features, but still lags behind GoodReader in basic PDF functionality. iBooks 1.1.2, released shortly afterwards, fixes a problem with updating iBooks.Show full article

DealBITS Discount: Save 20% on PDF Shrink 4.5

See who won copies of PDF Shrink 4.5 in last week's DealBITS drawing, and if you're not among them, read on to save 20 percent on Apago's PDF compression software. Show full article

Apple Donates MacPaint and QuickDraw Source Code to Museum

Through the good offices of Steve Jobs, Apple has donated the source code to the original MacPaint and QuickDraw software that introduced the world to graphical user interfaces, onscreen drawing, and image creation. The code is available for review at the Computer History Museum.Show full article

Beware Bluetooth Keyboards with iOS Devices

Apple's welcome support for Bluetooth keyboards with the iPad and, in iOS 4, for recent models of the iPhone and iPod touch brings with it an unfortunate risk: if you regularly travel with a paired Bluetooth keyboard, be careful that it doesn't drain your device's battery, lock you out, or erase your data.Show full article

Apple Reports $3.25 Billion Profit for Q3 2010

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Apps and Docs in iOS

A brief meditation on the mysteries of why it's so hard to know what will happen when you try to open a document on an iOS device.Show full article

Take Control’s Problems with Apps and Docs in iOS

Trying to distribute Take Control ebooks directly to iOS device users is proving difficult, because iOS’s handling of how apps open specific document types is haphazardly implemented. Whether you shop for ebooks or are just curious to know more about what publishers are thinking these days, read on! Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 26 July 2010

Notable software releases this week include 1Password 3.3, Wiki Server Update 1.0, Firefox 3.6.7, and iTunes 9.2.1. Show full article

ExtraBITS for 26 July 2010

The black iPhone 4 will become available in 17 more countries this week, while the white iPhone 4 will now be delayed everywhere until later this year. In other iOS device news, the iPad will be tested for use in academia by quite a few colleges and universities, the joke Antenn-aid lets you solve your iPhone 4 antenna troubles with a custom Band-Aid, the "Don't Hold It Wrong" blog points out holding instructions from other mobile phones, and if you want an iPhone 4 case for free, you can now order it via a free iPhone app. Finally, we recommend you read about how Safari can reveal your personal information via AutoFill, along with Jeffrey Rosen's excellent article about the ramifications of data persistence on the Internet. Show full article

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