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Simplify Similar Syncs with ChronoSync Templates

You can create an unlimited number of ChronoSync documents with numerous settings and options that control your synchronizations. If you find yourself needing to create many similar ChronoSync documents, consider using templates.

Just create a ChronoSync document and set all the options the way you want them. Choose File > Save as Template to save the ChronoSync document as a template, and then open it in the future when creating a new ChronoSync document.

Search on "template" in ChronoSync Help for all the details.

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Dropbox App Adds HD Uploads and Local Cache

The Dropbox app for iOS has added several useful features for interacting with the company's cloud-hosted storage and sync system. You can upload high-definition video, among other improvements.Show full article

iTunes 10.0.1 Integrates Ping

iTunes 10.0.1 adds a Ping sidebar that shows contextual and recent activity, along with Ping buttons that make it easy to "like" or comment on a selected or playing track. The changes make Ping significantly easier to use, but don't yet provide any significant reason to use it.Show full article

"Take Control of PDFpen 5" Teaches You to Tweak PDFs Like a Pro

For those who need to manipulate PDF files, Smile's PDFpen is an elegant and cost-effective alternative to the pricey Adobe Acrobat Pro, and you can now learn about everything that PDFpen can do for you with our new ebook, "Take Control of PDFpen 5."Show full article

AppTamer Quiets CPU-Chewing Background Apps

If your Mac is laboring under the load of applications running in the background that aren't even really doing anything, St. Clair Software's new AppTamer may provide the respite you need. It can stop applications in the background, reducing CPU usage and thus helping portable Macs run cooler, quieter, and longer.Show full article

Is iTunes Bloated?

Apple has shoehorned every feature short of the kitchen sink into the increasingly misnamed iTunes - surely that means the program is a classic example of bloatware? Or is it? Kirk McElhearn, who has written numerous articles and books about iTunes, examines the charges that iTunes is bloated to see if they're valid.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 27 September 2010

Notable software releases this week include NoMoreiTunes 1.51, Adobe Flash Player, DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.0.4, Security Update 2010-006, TinkerTool 4.2, Mailplane 2.2, and Pro Applications Update 2010-02.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 27 September 2010

It was a busy week here, and all we ran across worth sharing was a fabulous Joy of Tech comic about devices Facebook could work on and an iPhone case from ThinkGeek that gives an iPhone a flip-out physical keyboard.Show full article

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