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iBookstore Finally Appears in iTunes

In a quiet move, Apple has added the iBookstore to iTunes, so you can now browse for and purchase books from your Mac. But you still can’t read them on the Mac with any program from Apple; for that you’ll need to use iBooks on an iOS device or an independent application.Show full article

Guy Kawasaki to Keynote MacTech Conference 2011

MacTech Magazine has announced that Guy Kawasaki will be keynoting the MacTech Conference 2011 in November.Show full article

Amazon Takes Aim at the Mac App Store

In an unexpected move, Amazon has taken the wraps off the Mac Downloads Store. It doesn’t have the selection or integration of the Mac App Store, but Apple suddenly has some competition that didn’t exist before.Show full article

iTunes 10.3 Offers Automatic Downloads and Access to Purchases

In the first glimpse of what iCloud will mean to Mac and iOS users, Apple has released iTunes 10.3 with a pair of new features: Automatic Downloads that ensures that all purchases appear on all your devices, and the long-awaited capability to re-download purchases.Show full article

Questions Raised by Lion’s App Store Installation Requirement

Apple says Lion will be available only as a download from the Mac App Store. That leaves a lot of questions unanswered about installation for those who don’t have Snow Leopard installed or lack a high-speed Internet connection. Plus, what about reinstalling in case of problems?Show full article

Broadband Caps May Obscure iCloud

iCloud’s synchronization features mean you’ll be moving much more data via 3G and Wi-Fi networks, and you’ll also be downloading Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5, along with their ongoing updates. Will you run afoul of fixed and mobile broadband monthly usage caps and overage fees? It’s too early to tell, but you’ll want to pay attention.Show full article

The Two Faces of Lion

Is Lion a yawn or a roar? It depends on who you are. Apple’s upcoming update to Mac OS X gives long-time Mac users largely invisible changes, but offers a potentially compelling alternative to the classic desktop interface for new users or those who have never been comfortable with the desktop metaphor.Show full article

Of iCloud, Dropbox, and Elastic Computing: A Cloud Primer

If you’ve wondered what “the cloud” or “cloud computing” is, Rich Mogull is here to explain what it’s all about and why it — and especially Apple’s iCloud — has the power to transform the world.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 13 June 2011

News surrounding Apple dominated our extracurricular reading this week, along with Adam’s WWDC-related appearance on the Tech Night Owl Live and a wiki tracking Mac OS X Lion application compatibility. Apple continues to stand up for iOS developers against Lodsys, and the company backed down on its excessive in-app subscription requirements. On the video side, be sure to see Steve Jobs’s presentation about Apple’s proposed new campus in Cupertino, complete with a futuristic headquarters.Show full article

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