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Some of you may notice that this issue does not contain the "end" tags that we've used for the past few issues. We decided to take them out for several reasonsShow full article

Survey happenings

Survey happenings -- Thanks to all those who have returned the survey! We've decided to stop considering survey entries for buttons as of 17-Mar-92, which is one month after we sent it out, so please get your survey in if you wish to be in the running for a buttonShow full article

QuickMail comment

QuickMail comment -- Mark H. Anbinder writes in response to our comment last week that it would be silly to run a QuickMail client on an AppleShare Server 3.0 server machine: Nothing at all silly about itShow full article

PowerBook Serial Killers

There may be problems with the PowerBook serial ports, related to the ROM power saving code. I've had direct comments from software houses about this, and although I don't want to name them publicly without their consent, I do think there are some serious problemsShow full article

Additions to Aldus

Quark XPress has had its XTensions out for a while, and Aldus is trying hard to catch up with Additions for PageMaker. Based on some of the ones we've seen, used, or heard about, PageMaker is well on its way in the race. A number of Additions ship with PageMaker, ranging from fairly simple ones to an Addition that takes a multiple page publication and rearranges all the items and pages so that it will print correctly so that it can easily be folded to create a bookletShow full article

Request for MBDF damages

Good afternoon. I am a Macintosh technical consultant in Ithaca, New York, where two Cornell University students were arrested last month for allegedly creating and releasing the MBDF virusShow full article


Almost everyone believes AppleEvents will be cool when applications start seriously using them. I think that's the appropriate belief; I just wish that AppleEvent-savvy applications would start saturating the marketShow full article

Pacer Update

mha@memory.ithaca.ny.us Patience is a virtue, right? Well, Pacer Software Inc. has just rewarded its loyal PacerTerm customers for being so virtuous, by sending out a two-diskette update for this high-end Communications Toolbox (CTB)-compatible communications packageShow full article

TidBITS browsing macro

Those of you that read the weekly issues using the "rn" program (under Unix) may now be able to browse, jumping directly from topic to topic with the help of a special rnmacroShow full article

Casper Speaks

Anyone who has been to a Macworld Expo has probably seen the Voice Navigator people demonstrating how easy it is to create their corporate logo with Voice Navigator even when speaking at the speed of a trained auctioneerShow full article

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