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Two Shortcuts for App Exposé

If you want to see all the windows for a particular app via App Exposé, there are two hidden shortcuts. For either, start by pressing Command-Tab to bring up the app switcher. Then, while still holding down the Command key, press either the 1 key or the up arrow. That puts you into App Expose mode, with all of an app's windows showing, and recent documents in a row across the bottom of the screen. Let up on the Command key, and then you can press Tab to cycle through all the running apps.

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Apple to Pay Quarterly Dividends and Repurchase Stock

In a conference call today, Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer announced that Apple would not indeed be purchasing a troubled European country with excess cash, but would instead be instituting a quarterly dividend and stock repurchase program.Show full article

ScanSnap Sponsoring TidBITS

Please welcome our latest TidBITS sponsor, Fujitsu, makers of the ScanSnap family of scanners!Show full article

iTunes Match Improves Sonos Music Selection

If you own a Sonos speaker system, or another non-Apple device that reads your iTunes library, you may be missing something: songs you purchased prior to 2009 that are still encumbered by Apple’s FairPlay DRM. But with iTunes Match, you can download DRM-free, higher-quality versions.Show full article

Back Up Your Google Data with CloudPull

If you use Google Docs heavily or don’t already have a good IMAP-based backup of your Gmail account, look into Golden Hill Software’s CloudPull, which makes local backups of the important data in your Google account.Show full article

Elcomsoft Criticism of iOS Password Apps Overblown

Security firm Elcomsoft has released a white paper detailing weaknesses when short passwords with mixed characters or longer ones solely made up of numbers are used with many iOS password-keeping apps, including 1Password, LastPass, and mSecure. The impact of these weaknesses is limited to start with, and not a risk unless someone is out to get your passwords in particular.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 19 March 2012

Notable software releases this week include Aperture 3.2.3, Sandvox 2.5.3, and Firefox 11.0.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 19 March 2012

We have a lovely collection of ExtraBITS links for you this week, including a hint that we may someday see more lenient electronics usage policies on airplanes, Glenn Fleishman’s thoughts on the Mike Daisey controversy, answers to oodles of iPad questions via a MUG meeting on MacVoicesTV, and a cool demonstration of the scale of the universe.Show full article

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