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Michel Langereis writes, "The 1992 MACWORLD Expo Benelux, to be held in Amsterdam from May 4th to 6th, has been cancelled, as confirmed by the organizersShow full article

PowerBook Modem Fix?

PowerBook Modem Fix? -- Jonathan Feinstein of Shrink2Fit Software passes along a useful hint for people having problems connecting to remote modems from their PowerBook's internal Apple modemShow full article

Classic PowerBook Rumors

Pythaeus tells us that Apple is preparing to ship its internal 80 MB hard disk drives for the PowerBook series. This should come as welcome news for PowerBook power users who have been feeling scrunched between the small 20 MB and 40 MB standard hard drives that have been shipping in Apple's notebooks. More interesting, and a bit more surprising, is the rumour that Apple will offer a trade-up deal to owners of the smaller drivesShow full article

New Apple Crop

Continuing in its plan for a major set of product introductions every six months, Apple today announced several new hardware products, including one new MacShow full article

INIT 1984 Virus

These things come in fits and spurts. We went a long time without a new virus, and the world was a better place for it. Then wham, two viruses within a few weeks of each otherShow full article

Imaging Updates

QuickDraw was pretty neat when it came out, since it allowed the Mac to be a true graphics-based machine. Later on, Apple added color, turning it into Color QuickDraw, the standard in color-capable Macs todayShow full article

SuperPaint 3.0 Review

SuperPaint, the old workhorse that started life as little more than a combination of a MacPaint clone and a MacDraw clone, has been given a new lease on life in the competitive world of increasingly sophisticated drawing and painting programsShow full article

Reflex Orphans Uniting

The unwashed masses of computer users do have clout, though it has seldom been used to effect change in the overall strategy of a company bent on, well, screwing its usersShow full article

Panorama II Clarifications

Well, no one's perfect, and I missed a few things in my review of Panorama II last week. My overall comments stand, but there are a few things I feel the need to clarify. It is easy to display the results of calculations on forms using what Panorama II calls an auto-wrap text object and a variable merged in with the textShow full article

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