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If you are in the process of putting together a CD-ROM for a user group or other non-profit, non-commercial organization and wish to include back issues of TidBITS, please contact me so we can talk about what file format to useShow full article


WWDC -- As long as I'm being demanding... If you attended the Worldwide Developers Conference last week, I'd appreciate it if you could send me a short note detailing what you felt were the snazziest technologies showcased thereShow full article

International NUM Pricing

International NUM Pricing -- Nick Rothwell writes, "After the announcement of the $39 upgrade price for Symantec's Norton Utilities for Macintosh 2.0 last issue I checked the UK upgrade price: 49 pounds and (unless I'm mistaken) value-added tax (VAT) extra, which ends up around the equivalent of US$100-$110Show full article

900 News

Mark H. Anbinder wrote a few details about the new Quadra 950 last week, and since then we have learned more news about what will happen to the 900. Sometimes Apple keeps such machines around at a lower price point, but in this case, the 900 is simply toastShow full article

Apple PowerBook Upgrades

Apple has finally announced upgrades for existing PowerBooks that will bring older PowerBooks up to par with the newer models that ship with larger hard drives and more memoryShow full article

AutoDoubler News

Although it seems as though AutoDoubler has just come out, we've heard some hints about what Salient is planning for the next version of the utility, but in the meantime, we also have some news about a conflict with Apple's PC Exchange and an unexpectedly useful side effect of the way AutoDoubler works. New in 2.0 -- In many ways, AutoDoubler is too transparentShow full article

Retrospect and Compression Software

and Adam C. Engst -- TidBITS Editor Transparent compression utilities have become quite popular since they promise to make more space available for storing files while at the same time not slowing down your MacShow full article

DiskStatus & AppSizer

I've been meaning to write about these two gems for some time now, but as with all the software I want to review, they've taken a back seat to the hot news of the weekShow full article

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