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iCal Alerts You Can't Miss

Did you miss that tiny little iCal alert dialog? Use a more prominent Open File alarm.

First save an image, text file, sound, or movie that will really fill your screen and grab your attention.

Select an iCal event and choose Open File as the alert type. Choose your unmissable file as the one to open.

Set more alerts with more files to open for the same event if you like. You won't miss an appointment with one of these alerts!


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Miraz Jordan

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Early apologies if you see this a little late - we've been married exactly one year now and the champagne might get in the way of uploading this issue everywhereShow full article

QuicKeys ElectroOops

QuicKeys ElectroOops -- I completely forgot to mention in TidBITS-127 what CE Software included in the QuicKeys upgrade, and I can't expect everyone to remember TidBITS-123, which talked about what would be in the upgradeShow full article

Super Boomerang Tip

Super Boomerang Tip -- Alberto Ricci writes, "Wow - here is an incredibly useful feature that Hiroaki Yamamoto put in Super Boomerang. If you are using any application, and you have the Open or Save standard file dialog in front, and you've got Super Boomerang installed, clicking on a window that belongs to the Finder (one of the windows in the background - just click a part of it if it's partially covered by other windows) will bring you to that level of the hierarchy in the standard file dialogShow full article

New Apple Campaign

New Apple Campaign -- We've heard from the estimable Pythaeus that Apple has begun a completely new advertising campaign that may address some of the complaints Mac users have had with Apple's advertisingShow full article

Menu Usage

In Howard Hansen's EXCELlent review of Excel 4 in TidBITS-127, he makes the following comment about the pop-up menus feature: When you hold down the command and option keys and click the mouse, Excel brings up a pop-up shortcut menu right next to your mouse pointerShow full article

Word Processing Notes

Much has happened recently in the word processing world, so much in fact, that it's starting to become hard to track. For those of you who haven't been watching as closely as we have (we're word processor junkies, and word processing is probably the most common task for which people use computers), here's the news, labeled for your convenience by weasels (apologies to Dave Barry). New PIMs for Word -- Very good news: Word 5.0's modularity has started to pay off, and Microsoft has made new Grammar and Spelling plug-in modules (PIMs - and you thought PIM stood for personal information manager)Show full article

FileMaker Pro 2.0

Claris has given notice that it intends to pull no punches in the Windows market. At PC Expo in a few weeks, Claris will show a pre-release version of FileMaker Pro 2.0 for Windows, along with its almost identical twin for the MacShow full article

Apple Newtons II

Last week I talked briefly about what the Newton technology entails, setting myself up for this week's analysis. If you haven't seen last week's issue, I recommend you take a look. Underneath all of Apple's hurrah over Newton being a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), I see Apple attempting a paradigm shiftShow full article

The Works Concept

[This is an introduction to Matthew's full review of ClarisWorks, which will be a special issue immediately following this weekly issue. Keep an eye out for it! -Adam] The works program - a single application combining several functions - has long been a strange and orphaned beastShow full article

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