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Mark H. Anbinder writes, "It tells you a little bit about the pervasiveness of Microsoft's products in the industry that one of the top-level options on their phone menu system is, "If you are a hardware manufacturer and would like to bundle Microsoft software products with your product, please press 4."" Information from: Mark HShow full article

Excel Workbook Backup Tip

In TidBITS-133 Andy Williams passed on a warning about a potentially dangerous bug in Excel 4.0 that could cause you to lose data bound into a workbookShow full article

Conflict Catcher Article Conflicts

I want to correct some misinformation in TidBITS-139 about Conflict Catcher. The article claims that Conflict Catcher automates the process of loading startup documents one-by-one to identify conflictsShow full article

A/UX... More Is Better?

Apple recently announced to dealers a license upgrade option for owners of the 16-user license of A/UX 3.0, Apple's Unix operating system, bringing the maximum number of users to 32Show full article

Portable Battery Bye-Bye

Owners of the discontinued Macintosh Portable will feel even more left out this fall, when Apple plans to remove the Macintosh Portable Battery from all of its price listsShow full article

Norris Ear PHONE

One of the most interesting technologies I saw at Macworld had little to do with the Mac. So why did this company come to Macworld? The technology enhances various communications applications, and lots of Macintosh companies are working on improving communications using the Mac. The product in question comes from Norris Communications, and they call it, appropriately enough, the Norris Ear PHONE[tm]Show full article

MacDraw Pro Speed Comparisons

I just got my upgrade to MacDraw Pro 1.5 and since lots of people on the nets wondered how fast it was compared to previous versions, I decided to try a few rough and ready benchmarks on the two versionsShow full article

Windows Does CDs

Apple certainly has the head start on the potentially lucrative (at the price of this hardware and software, someone had better make some money at it) multimedia market, but as Mark HShow full article

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