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Ramon M. Felciano, Associate Director of Stanford University Medical Media and Information Technologies, writes in regard to Rob Managan's suggestion in TidBITS-139 for using Morph to animate scientific simulations, "Our research lab develops and does research on academic courseware in medicineShow full article

CompuServe Email Bug

Ric Ford reported on ZiffNet/Mac that Navigator has recently (since about the end of August) stopped replying correctly to messages from the Internet. The problem, when we checked and as Mike O'Connor, Navigator's author, confirmed, stems from CompuServe not including the initial ">" at the beginning of the Internet addressShow full article

Apple Discontinues Tape Cartridge

Apple seems to be doing its spring cleaning a little late, removing from its product lists the various obsolete products that have hung around for a whileShow full article

PowerPort Upgrade

We've heard from Global Village that until 22-Sep-92 you can upgrade an original PowerPort/V.32 modem to a brand new PowerPort/Gold for $399. That's a pretty good price considering the PowerPort/Gold runs about $630 mail orderShow full article

4D Goes Server

For a change the hot news comes from France. The first International Development Conference of ACI (known in the US as ACIUS) held in Paris provided the (final?) announcement of the next version of 4th Dimension and of the long-awaited 4D Server. Warning: US and International 4D version numbers are two less than the French oneShow full article

Service Done Right?

I may be talking a lot about non-Apple computer companies, but to be frank, my attention isn't focused solely on Apple, and I suspect neither is yoursShow full article

SuperMac & DriveSavers

Last month, SuperMac Technology and DriveSavers announced that DriveSavers has assumed all service obligations for SuperMac's discontinued line of mass storage products, including the entire series of DataFrame and LaserFrame drivesShow full article

Hot Spiced Apples

According to some possibly fallacious statistics I saw recently, we at TidBITS moved from the number two apple state, New York, to the number one apple state, WashingtonShow full article

More Apple News

New machines certainly take spotlight, but Apple has plenty more up its collective sleeve, so we'll try to cover a bit of that here. Discontinued... -- With the new machines coming in, Apple will drop the Macintosh Classic 4/40 from the price list, along with the SE/30 logic board upgrade (too bad, that was a good one for SE owners), the Apple ISDN NB Card (guess it wasn't selling to well without many ISDN connections available), and as Mark Anbinder reported above, the 40 MB Tape Backup CartridgesShow full article

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