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Bill Leue writes, "Your article on the StyleWriter backlog problem mentions the HP DeskWriter as a suitable substitute. You should also note that HP has recently extended the warranty on the DeskWriter to three years, making it even more attractiveShow full article

Apple Support

Apple Support -- A friend writes in response to Tonya's query about how Apple would restrict toll-free support to people who buy through the new Apple Catalog: "I used to work on the System 7 upgrade answer line so I may be able to answer your questionShow full article

About those mailing lists...

About those mailing lists... -- In response to our comment of last week about Apple never having used the mailing list they keep from returned registration cards, Edward Reid writes: They use it now - to make money by selling it to third-party vendorsShow full article

Navigator Buglet

We incorrectly reported a problem in replying to Internet email from CompuServe in TidBITS-142. The problem is that Internet mail coming in has the initial ">" character stripped from the addressShow full article

Prices, Prices, Prices

I'm not going to publish a chart of Macintosh prices this week, but I might do one next week when the retail channel gets a look at the new suggested retail prices that Apple USA just announcedShow full article

Sumex Fund Drive

It's one step above a bake sale, but a grass-roots movement is underway among Internet users to raise money toward a few gigabytes of disk space for the popular FTP site at sumex-aim.stanford.eduShow full article

PowerBook 100 Rework Experience

On September 19th, I signed on to AppleLink and discovered that my PowerBook 100 was being recalled [to prevent the problem that could melt a small hole in the case - see TidBITS-143]Show full article

Lighter Color on the Horizon

Along with the new monitors Apple introduced with the Performas, look for a new 13" color monitor to replace the aging Apple 13" color monitor on October 19thShow full article

The WriteMove, Baby

As the popularity of the Macintosh PowerBooks increases (Apple claims to have sold more than 300,000 PowerBooks in less than a year), more and more PowerBook-specific products arrive at the industry doorstep (if not ours :-))Show full article

Duo Date Approaching

A few weeks back in TidBITS-138 I wrote briefly about the upcoming Macintosh PowerBook Duo 210 and 230, mostly focussing on basic specs. More information has come in since then, both good and bad, but in terms of overall design, I think that Apple has a winner with the DuosShow full article

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