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I said last week that I might do Macintosh price chart this week after the suggested retail price drop had a chance to sink in. Well, either it hasn't had a chance, or it won't sink in, since street prices didn't change from the chart in TidBITS-143Show full article


LISTSERV 101 -- I like helping people with subscription problems to the TIDBITS LISTSERV, but it isn't a good use of my time since you can easily do everything yourselfShow full article

8*24 GC Refund Program Extended

8*24 GC Refund Program Extended -- Mark H. Anbinder writes, "According to this week's dealer bulletin, the 8/24 GC Video Card Refund Program is being extended through 30-Oct-92." [For more information on this, check out TidBITS-143Show full article

WriteMoving Ribbon

WriteMoving Ribbon -- Mark H. Anbinder writes: One nifty feature of the new GCC printer is its "ribbon saving" feature. GCC's dealer material describes it like this: "In order to print more quickly, the WriteMove II's ribbon cartridge continues to spool even as it passes over white spaces in your documentShow full article

Duo Doubters

Perhaps I was a tad over-enthusiastic about the PowerBook Duos last week. Two readers pointed out problems that I had conveniently ignored in my articleShow full article

CDR-74 Problem

On October 19th, that oh-so-magical date, Apple will announce a new machine, the IIvx, that includes an internal double-speed CD-ROM drive, reportedly from SonyShow full article

Now Utilities 4.0 Bugs Out

After much anticipation from users, Now Software recently shipped version 4.0 of the popular Now Utilities package. Aside from concerns regarding the exclusion of certain utilities from the package, the promised features left little wantingShow full article

System 7.1 Tip O' The Week

To get you into the mood for System 7.1, Robert Hess passed on this tip from Leonard Rosenthol, chief technical wizard at Aladdin Systems. Apparently you can put FKEYs and other resources in System 7.1's special Fonts folder and the system will open them automaticallyShow full article

Performa Systems

It seems that the Performas, although they run a slightly modified version of System 7.0.1, will not ship with a full set of system disks. This is a problem for a third-party tech support person when she wants the user to test a problem by booting from a floppy disk or to correct a problem by re-installing the systemShow full article

Double DeskWriters

I enjoy seeing Hewlett-Packard enhance its popular DeskWriter printers, and last year's introduction of the DeskWriter C color printer did not disappoint meShow full article

Help! The Art of Computer Technical Support

I've earned a living through supporting or selling computer software and hardware in one capacity or another for almost five years now, and I've always been bothered by the paucity of materials about the fieldShow full article

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