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Please note that this is the last week Nisus Software is sponsoring TidBITS. If you want Nisus's files from our fileserver, snag them before 14-Dec-92Show full article

Duo Warning

Duo Warning -- Murph Sewall passes on a tale of caution. "I recently heard of a Duo user whose daughter threw "something" (apparently the System Enabler extension) awayShow full article

QuarkXPress and DeskWriter 550C

QuarkXPress and DeskWriter 550C -- Mark H Anbinder writes. "Those of you who are thinking about buying yourselves a gift of a Hewlett-Packard DeskWriter 550C this holiday season should first check your software arsenalShow full article

Eternal Optimism

People drooling over new Macintosh models, or even some of the older Macs, may be frothing with frustration right now. Apple has massive backorders on a large number of modelsShow full article

Quick QuickTime Comments

According to Gary Woodcock and Casey King writing in "develop" issue 12, the Component Manager has migrated from QuickTime to System 7.1, although it's still present in QuickTime 1.5 so that QuickTime can use it on older SystemsShow full article

Omega SANE Apparently Gone

Those of you who want every last drop of performance may be interested to know that System 7.1 may run slower than 7.0.1 on certain Macs - notably the IIci and later machines that have an FPU (floating point unit, also known as a math coprocessor)Show full article

Easy View 2.22

Akif Eyler recently released Easy View 2.22, a nice upgrade from version 2.1. Easy View 2.22 is a free program that indexes text files located in the same folder as the index document, and then allows you to browse and search through the set of filesShow full article

IntelliDraw Review

The world is full of symmetry, so all students of elementary mathematics are rightly told. It is also full of connections, as anyone can discover (if they didn't know already) by doing a few perspective drawings and changing the viewing point - connected objects clearly must remain so . The folks at Silicon "SuperPaint" Beach Software took these two facts to heart in designing the centerpiece tools of Aldus's much-touted new drawing package, IntelliDraw ($200 discounted)Show full article

Sounding Off

It's too bad more Macintosh users don't know how to play with sounds, because manipulating sounds using the Macintosh, while it may not help your company rake in the profits, can provide hours of entertainment, not to mention the occasional practical jokeShow full article

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