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Povl Pedersen writes, "There is something more about the 72-pin SIMMs that you should note. They are all 32-bit, as opposed to the old 8-bit SIMMsShow full article

Gopher Site

Gopher Site -- Internet users looking for TidBITS back issues can use a new Gopher server at []. They have all TidBITS issues in text form (though not searchable as an archive so it won't put the WAIS out of business any time soon) along with back issues of Info-Mac Digest and Murph Sewall's long-running but soon-ending VaporwareShow full article

World Trade Center Offer

Here's a neat offer. MBS Technologies, makers of FileRunner file synchronization software for MacOS and DOS, is offering free copies of FileRunner to companies whose operations were disrupted by the World Trade Center bombingShow full article

165c Configuration Change

In an attempt to avoid availability problems, Apple is changing the 160 MB hard drive configuration of the PowerBook 165c. Because Apple doesn't expect to be able to obtain 2.5" 160 MB drives in large enough quantities soon enough to meet demand, it is replacing the 160 MB drives with a 120 MB drivesShow full article

32-bit Enabler Problems

Those of us on 32-bit dirty ROM machines like the Mac II, SE/30, IIx, and IIcx were pleased when Apple finally released the 32-bit Enabler for System 7.1Show full article

Internal CD-ROM Quirks

For a decent multimedia machine, the Mac has some strange problems. The latest to surface concerns the internal CD drives in the Performa 600CD, IIvx, Centris 650, and QuadrasShow full article

Duo 210 Observations

Now that I've traveled to Japan and back with my Duo 210, I have comments which might be helpful to potential buyers. Please send me suggestions or comments if you have similar experiences. Snoring -- It snores! When my 210 sleeps with the power plug removed, it snoresShow full article

Modem Issue Comments

We stirred up hornet's nest with our review of the PPI and Supra modems in TidBITS-163. People made many comments, which you'll see a sampling of below, but first I want to explain that TidBITS is not MacSolarSystem, so it is impossible for us to review every modem or test every situationShow full article

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