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See All Your Books in iBooks

The iBooks app for iOS lets you assign your books to different collections, but does not have any obvious way for you to see all of your books, regardless of the collection you have put them in. There is, however, a workaround that can show you just about all of your books at once: reveal the search field at the top of any collection in iBooks and type a single space into that field.

With this search, iBooks lists all of the books that have a space either in the title of the book or in the author's name. Other than the rare book that has a one-word title and a single-name author, you end up with a list of all of your books.

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It turns out that the Celestin Company mentioned in the last TidBITS just moved. The new address, effective 15-Mar-93 is: Celestin Company 1152 Hastings Avenue Port Townsend, WA 98368 800/835 5514 toll-free 206/385 3767 main number 206/385 3586 fax America Online: Celestin CompuServe: 71630,650 Delphi: PCELESTIN GEnie: P.CELESTIN National Videotext Network: pcelestin WELL: celestin Internet: Show full article

Rumor Correction

Rumor Correction -- Oops - Pythaeus wrote to tell us that Apple's forthcoming active-matrix color LCD PowerBook will be called the 180c and will sport a 640 by 480 screen, as opposed to the 640 by 400 LCD screens we are used to on the PowerBooksShow full article

Delete Forward Usage

In his article on the Apple Adjustable Keyboard (TidBITS-166), Joe Clark commented that the keyboard product manager claimed that Apple's tests showed that no one uses the delete forward keyShow full article

Caring For Your Wrists

As you know, both Tonya and I suffer from wrist problems, carpal tunnel for me and tendonitis for her. Our special issue on the subject is in the making (special issues are a bear to get out), but we recently put something together for people who either have or are at risk from the same problemsShow full article

Notes from the Apple Catalog

Macintosh Portable Supplies -- Macintosh Portable owners will be pleased to hear that Apple hasn't abandoned them. Mac Portable batteries are in short supply at most dealers, who understandably don't want to stock infrequently requested items, but Apple's latest catalog includes this hard-to-find itemShow full article

Nisus 3.4 Hits the World

Nisus Software just announced availability of Nisus 3.4, an upgrade from the current 3.06-040 version of Nisus. Although 3.4 includes a number of significant normal features that I'll discuss in a bit, Nisus Software is targeting users of multiple languages since Nisus 3.4 is the only high-end word processor that takes advantage of all the languages available in the WorldScript system, mixing up to 18 different languages in a single document (reading them all is your problem)Show full article

European Software Bargains: Who's Gouging Whom?

Right now the cheapest software deals in all of Europe are just south of where I live, in Marlow, New Hampshire, home of mail order giant MacConnectionShow full article

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