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With the help of several users, Akif Eyler tracked down and eradicated a bug with styles in Easy View 2.32 that had escaped detection throughout the beta test processShow full article

Cable Table Label

Cable Table Label -- Alert reader Phil Reese wins the copy editing award for the week, noticing a serious typographical error in our chart listing the "standard" configuration for a Macintosh hardware handshaking cableShow full article

CAPITAL Punishment

CAPITAL Punishment -- The 17-May-93 issue of InformationWeek reported on news stories from China about a computer hacker being executed for defrauding the Agricultural Bank of China of about $200,000Show full article

Color-less Classic

Color-less Classic -- A friend at Apple notes that Color Classic users can move the contrast slider bar in the Screen Control Panel all the way to the left, making the screen go pitch blackShow full article

Waiting for Newton

Apple's most actively publicized secret at the moment is Newton, the code name for the company's upcoming handheld personal organizer, and for the collection of new and adapted technologies making up this projectShow full article

Rebate Sparks Controversy

Apple USA today announced a new "On the Spot" rebate program that promises hundreds of dollars in instant point-of-purchase rebates to customers buying certain Macintosh models and peripherals in the United States, but appears to have put itself, and many dealers, "on the spot" in the process. At first glance, this rebate offer isn't all that different from previous offersShow full article

Inspiration 4.0: Outliners and Me

Being obsessed with the flexible storage and retrieval of information, I use an outliner all the time - Symmetry Software's Acta. Being an academic, I use Acta mostly to hold my notes on books that I read, and to prepare and update notes for lectures I intend to give. You know what an outliner is: it holds text in a form that looks like - well, an outlineShow full article

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