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This issue comes a day late, and for those of you who live in other countries, my apologies. July 4th is Independence Day in the U.S., and it is celebrated in a truly American way by blowing things up and taking a day off from workShow full article

Quadra 950 price drops

Quadra 950 price drops go into effect 06-Jul-93. The changes in the suggested retail prices range from $1,500 to $1,710 on the Quadra 950, and from $1,200 to $1,500 on the Apple Workgroup Server 95Show full article

CopyDoubler details

CopyDoubler details were lousy in last week's review. We gave the wrong AOL address and upgrade price. Sigh, that's what happens when you believe a databaseShow full article

CD-ROM Toolkit Redux

CD-ROM Toolkit Redux -- Russell Finn noted in response to our article on FWB's CD-ROM Toolkit that a recent MacWEEK report found no performance gain when using CD-ROM Toolkit with the AppleCD 300 drive, perhaps due to that drive's onboard cachingShow full article

APS Sponsorship

We are pleased to welcome our latest corporate sponsor, APS Technologies. APS has sold hard drives and other storage devices for years now, and has accumulated numerous commendations from industry publications for producing high-quality hardware and providing excellent technical supportShow full article

PowerPC Clarifications

As with many of our articles, the article on the PowerPC itself prompted comments from people who know more than I, so here are some quick notes that should help clarify the situation a bit moreShow full article

Info-Mac CD-ROM II: The Monster Archive

At first I thought of titling this "Info-Mac CD-ROM II: Economy Size," or even "Family Size" but I realized that those terms don't mean anything, and you only know that "Economy Size" is bigger if the bottle of ketchup so labeled is bigger than the one labeled merely "Super Big Bottle O' Ketchup." One way or another, the latest issue of the Info-Mac CD-ROM from Pacific HiTech is big, really big, and a lot bigger than the previous editionShow full article

Empowering Your Duo

I was having some trouble with my Duo. Now, this was no ordinary trouble. This wasn't some problem with somebody's machine crashing now and then, or constant unjustified out of memory errors, or anything trivial like thatShow full article

VideoToolkit Explained

I had a dilemma. Philip Palombo from Abbate kept sending me email telling me that I should write about Abbate's product, VideoToolkit. I'm always willing to consider suggestions from readers, even if they are trying to push their own products, as long as they can convince me that the product is neatShow full article

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