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SCSI Confusions

SCSI Confusions -- Don Norman of Apple writes: At the last Computer Bowl contest, the question of "how many SCSI IDs" was asked. One of the contestants said "eight," but this was ruled wrong by the judges who said "seven." The audience yelledShow full article

Communicate Lite

Communicate Lite may replace some of the abysmal programs currently bundled with modems. The communications program from Mark/Space Softworks uses a document-oriented approach along with support for Apple's Communications Toolbox, which allows users to add power by adding toolsShow full article

ZipIt Wires

ZipIt Wires -- Jacob Ahlqvist writes: In TidBITS #182, Jim Wheelis, in his review of ZipIt, failed to mention one great advantage of ZipIt - it is Apple event-aware and ties in completely with Kem Tekinay's Freddie 1.2.5 (and only 1.2.5) to provide automated decompression/opening/reading of PC .QWK files downloaded from a PC BBS for off-line readingShow full article

ClarisWorks has expanded

ClarisWorks has expanded to the Windows market, with Claris announcing that IBM and Toshiba will bundle ClarisWorks for Windows with certain computer modelsShow full article

Wolf Creek Technologies

Wolf Creek Technologies recently slashed the price on QM-PAGE, their alphanumeric pager gateway for QuickMail, dropping it to $995 for 20 users and adding 10 and 5 user packs for $595 and $325, respectivelyShow full article

Now Utilities Palinode

A while back (November '92, in TidBITS #152, to be exact) I said some positive things and some negative things about Now Utilities 4.0.1. Now I'd like to take back a substantial portion of the negative thingsShow full article

Unix Setext Viewer

Those of you who read TidBITS or other setext files on Unix boxes may wish to check out a prototype setext viewer now posted at for anonymous FTP as info-mac/text/setext-viewer-02-unix.txt This 13K program, sv-02, requires System 5 and the curses libraryShow full article

DeskWriter Cartridge Refilling

Although Hewlett-Packard does not recommend refilling their disposable DeskJet/DeskWriter cartridges, there is little risk and much profit in refilling your own model 51608A or 51626A print cartridgesShow full article

A Distribution Paradigm for the Fourth Civilization

When the seller of goods is no longer a village craftsman dealing with friends and neighbours on a one-to-one basis, but a multinational company with hundreds of products and millions of end users, it is impossible to deal with each customer individuallyShow full article

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