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Adam is in electronic hiding for a few weeks as he finishes writing The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh. Although he claims he will read his email, please don't expect responses to anything but the most urgent messagesShow full article

PageMaker's not alone

PageMaker's not alone -- Mark H. Anbinder writes to clarify his comments about PageMaker's capability of dragging objects between document windows in TidBITS #188Show full article

Newton's Law

Newton's Law -- One's affinity to Newton is directly proportional to how well it recognizes one's handwriting. -Ross Scott Rubin. [However, it is fun to consult the Newton Oracle by drawing squiggles in the NotePad and seeing how it interprets themShow full article

Too much of a good thing

Too much of a good thing -- We've heard a number of complaints that indicate you can overtrain a MessagePad to your handwriting. Too much training may confuse the poor little thing, causing recognition to decrease after significant usageShow full article

The Quadra 840AV

The Quadra 840AV surprisingly does not come with a cable for Apple's new AudioVision Monitor. This in itself would be understandable if the monitor came with a working cable, but the cable doesn't plug into any of the 840's portsShow full article

Putting printers to sleep.

Putting printers to sleep. We've recently caught wind of a useful and politically correct freeware program released by Apple's Energy Star group. The program lets a LaserWriter Pro go to sleep after a specified amount of inactivity to save energyShow full article


Prodigy/Internet email details are still fuzzy, but Jeff Needleman said that the software for Macs to receive Internet email works fine, but the software for sending only works for DOS machinesShow full article

Empowering Your Duo II or How Dumb Can I Be?

In TidBITS #183, I gave a brief account of a simple solution to a common Duo problem - poor contact between the battery and the Duo, resulting in frequent shutdownsShow full article

PageMaker 5.0, Finally

Thankfully for Aldus and the many users of its PageMaker page layout software, one of the most eagerly awaited upgrades of the year is here. PageMaker was once the premiere package for creating publications, but years of stagnation on the feature front and cut-throat competition from arch-rival Quark XPress has steadily eroded Aldus's user baseShow full article

Using the Newton MessagePad

[This is the first of a several part series that we plan to run about the Newton. We'll have a look at the hardware, the operating system, some devil's advocacy, and third-party add-on informationShow full article

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