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Sorry this issue is a day late - for those of you not in the U.S., Monday was Labor Day, a national holiday celebrated in true oxymoronic style by not workingShow full article


IN CONTROL Offer -- I guess Attain liked Matt Neuburg's review of IN CONTROL in the last issue since they have made it easier for TidBITS readers to check out the program and expand their wardrobes at the same timeShow full article

AV Monitor Correction Again

AV Monitor Correction Again -- Daniel V. Blystone writes: "In regards to the comment by Michael Shannon last week, you do not need a TV to see what you are recording QuickTime moviesShow full article

CopyDoubler Bug

An unfortunate bug has reared its ugly head in CopyDoubler 2.0, the utility from Fifth Generation Systems that significantly speeds copying. It seems that if you drag a blank floppy disk onto another floppy disk while CopyDoubler is installed, files on your hard disk can be deletedShow full article

32-bit Enabler Feedback Requested

Mitch Bayersdorfer , the project manager in charge of the 32-bit Enabler at Apple, is looking for feedback from users of the 32-bit Enabler who went back to MODE32Show full article

Apple Updates Several Utilities

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers Back in August, Apple announced a collection of software utility updates intended to replace versions already in users' handsShow full article

Upgrade Your NTR

Apple has announced that replacement ROM chips will be available from service providers to fix two problems in the Personal LaserWriter NTR printer. Users who have experienced either problem are eligible for the upgrade; users who haven't seen either problem probably don't need it. The first problem would be immediately apparentShow full article

I Screen, You Screen

I'm finally processing my stack of information from Macworld Boston, and I wanted to write about some of the products that I liked the most when there, not because they improve your bottom line or productivity, but because they improve your moodShow full article

Proliferation Polemic

Anyone who has tried to buy a Macintosh in recent years or who supports them professionally or personally has no doubt cursed Apple for the proliferation of Macintosh modelsShow full article

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