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View Silver Screen Media on Your Apple TV from another Disk

Want to watch movies via Silver Screen that aren't in your Movies folder? Just create an alias in your Movies directory and select that as your Media Directory in Silver Screen's preferences. It will even be automatically mounted if needed when the folder is browsed in Silver Screen. To make the alias, mount the server or other disk in the Finder, locate the folder containing the movies and Command-Option-drag the folder's icon into your Movies directory.

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Recently, we've received several complaints about insensitive comments in TidBITS. Unfortunately, it seems that every time we stray from the facts of an article, or point out in a non-serious way what we feel is an odd situation, someone writes to complainShow full article

Fred Showker

Fred Showker writes: Color It has been in my tool box for some time, and I can report from personal experience that it is a smooth operator. I have used it in many projects for which Photoshop was too cumbersomeShow full article

Quadra 610 Intro Error

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers Apple shamefacedly admitted last week that its introductory materials and data sheets for the Quadra 610 incorrectly stated that all Quadra 610s have a floating point unit (FPU)Show full article

FoxPro/Mac Rumors

Pythaeus writes that long after buying Fox Software, Microsoft may finally release FoxPro for Macintosh, probably at Macworld Expo in San Francisco for $495Show full article

The Flu Season Returns

The chill is returning to the air as autumn moves on (well, at least in the Northern Hemisphere), and it appears that some Macs have caught two new bugs, viruses actuallyShow full article

The Second Coming, Cheap

We're all used to purchasing updates to software packages since the programmers add useful new features and fix bugs, right? The more I learn about the publishing industry, the more I realize how closely it resembles the software industryShow full article

Software Licensing: Reality Check

[Yes, Brady is a lawyer, and doesn't just play one on the nets. Note that the discussion below applies in the U.S. and may vary in your part of the worldShow full article

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